Council approves new dog control public space protection order

Posted on Thursday 21st July 2022

Newport councillors approved a new public space protection order regarding the control of dogs in public spaces at the July council meeting.

The new order covers all public spaces within the city, replacing several site-specific measures that were already in place.

The order sets out that dogs in public spaces must be kept under control at all times. This does not necessarily mean dogs must be kept on a lead, as long as they are under their owner or walker’s control.

However, owners and walkers must put their dog on a lead if asked to do so by an authorised officer, in this case a council or police officer.

They will only be directed to do this if such restraint is necessary to prevent a nuisance or behaviour by the dog likely to cause alarm, distress or disturbance to any other person, animal or wildlife.

Owners and walkers must also ensure that they remove any dog faeces their dog produces and disposed of it properly. The council reminds residents that dog waste can be put into any council litter bin.

The order also excludes dogs from a number of public spaces, including:

  • An enclosed children’s play area, games area or ball court (this applies at all times).
  • Marked sports pitches during their respective playing seasons, as set out below:
    • Football – 1 July – 30 April
    • Rugby – 1 September – 30 April
    • Cricket – 1 April – 30 September

Dogs may be walked on these pitches outside of the dates shown above.

Dogs may be walked in council operated cemeteries but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Anyone found to be in contravention of the measures within the order may receive a fixed penalty notice of £100.

Councillor James Clarke, cabinet member for strategic planning, regulation and housing, said: “I’m very pleased that council unanimously supported bringing in this new public space protection order.

“Consultation feedback we received on our proposals showed strong support for the measures contained within the order, and we have taken all feedback on board when preparing the final order.

“We have a responsibility to all of our residents, and we believe this order fairly balances the rights of both dog owners and non-dog owners to enjoy our public spaces.”

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