Newport’s unique position at the gateway to Wales gives employers easy access to a large pool of potential staff.

Businesses state the quality and availability of the workforce as key factors in their decision to locate in Newport. 

Key facts

  • An estimated 479,000 economically active people live within a 30 minute drive time, including Cardiff and parts of Bristol, and over 1.6 million live within a one-hour drive
  • There are 74,000 people working in the city
  • Average gross weekly pay for an employee working in Newport is around 94% of the GB average
  • Staff retention is higher than the UK average (source: HESA 2011/12)
  • The workforce has a proven track record of flexibility and loyalty with expertise in aerospace, engineering, electronics, telecommunications, IT, financial, public services and business sectors
  • The annual output of first-degree graduates from universities within 30 miles of Newport is over 17,000
  • The University of South Wales offers degree, professional qualification and HND standard courses and has a strong record of employability working with key local employers
  • Newport is home to the Alacrity Foundation, an initiative to help the UK’s brightest graduates set up a new generation of high-tech companies in Wales
  • Read a summary of Newport statistical information 


More information is available from the business services team.