Spirit of Newport award

Spirit of Newport Award

The Spirit of Newport Award recognises and rewards the people who make Newport what it is, whether through sporting excellence, charitable work, the growth of business, the arts, learning, or showing courage and tenacity in the face of adversity. 

This award is an opportunity for the people of Newport to nominate those who have shown that no matter what, the right attitude and application can achieve almost anything. 

The award will be presented when a worthy recipient is identified, this could be an individual, group, charitable organisation or sporting club.

Award criteria

Recipients of the Spirit of Newport Award must have a connection with Newport, such as: 

  • they may have been born in Newport
  • they may live in Newport
  • they may work in Newport 

The effects of their contribution must either have been felt within Newport or, due to their association, their achievements must have positively impacted upon the reputation of Newport. 

Recipients will have demonstrated resolve in the face of overwhelming odds, the tenacity to push on when others might not and a dedication to others. 

They will be able to demonstrate resolve, tenacity and dedication.  

Newport is an inclusive city and the Spirit of Newport is an inclusive award.

The weight and impact of the contribution to Newport is far more important than the field of contribution.

How to nominate 

Nominating an individual, club or group is easy.

Complete the online nomination form

Or complete the Spirit of Newport nomination form (pdf) and return it to:

Senior Partnership Officer, People and Business Change, Newport City Council, Civic Centre, Newport, NP20 4UR  

The process  

Once received, your nomination will be assessed by a panel made of: 

  • Newport City Council councillors
  • Newport City Council's chief executive
  • a senior representative of one of our partner organisations
  • a member of Newport citizens panel and/or the youth council

Depending on the nomination we may also include an ‘expert’ from the field who can offer advice on the contribution of the nominee. 

This panel will meet within a month of receiving a nomination to assess against the criteria for the award.

If successful both the nominee and nominator will be notified and a date set for presentation of the award.


For further information please contact Newport City Council and ask for the policy and partnership team.