Newport is a growing city with increasing demand for housing of all kinds.

Use the online housing enquiry form| to make general enquiries about housing in Newport.

Find a home

See the Housing Options| page to apply to rent or buy a housing association property and for information about low cost home ownership, private renting, rent to buy, home exchange, housing advice and homelessness.

Housing associations

Newport City Council holds a housing register in partnership with housing associations.

See the Home Options website| for homes to rent and affordable homes to buy.

Low cost home ownership

Read about affordable home ownership| options, offered by the council in partnership with housing associations and developers for people who may be unable to afford to buy on the open market.

Over 55s

A range of accommodation types, with different providers, offers a range of options. See the Housing for older people| pages.


Information for people in Newport who are at risk of homelessness| or who are homeless.

Help to manage at home

Housing standards

The council aims to maintain minimum housing standards and protect public health and safety in domestic premises.

Read more about shared housing|.

Empty homes

The council is committed to tackling empty properties| in the private sector.

Local Housing Strategy

The Local Housing Strategy 2012-2017| (pdf) sets out the main housing issues facing the city and how the council and its partner organisations will try to tackle them.