Housing related support

The Supporting People Programme funds housing-related support services in Newport and receives an annual grant of more than £6 million for this from the Welsh Government. 

Housing-related support is provided to vulnerable people to help them develop and maintain skills and confidence to live as independently as possible. 

Examples of the support available are: 

  • Advice and support to claim benefits and manage debts
  • Advice and help with budgeting and managing bills
  • Help to deal with correspondence, forms and form filling
  • Advice on issues like aids and adaptations and safety and security
  • Support to develop living skills, such as cooking and cleaning
  • Help to contact relatives, doctors or social workers
  • Support to access education, employment, voluntary work and training
  • Help in managing or applying for suitable accommodation
  • Support to find and take part in in social, leisure and sport activities
  • Sign-posting to other services and agencies

Download the Supporting People allowable activities document (pdf) 

All Supporting People funded services aim to prevent homelessness and are delivered in two ways: 

1. Supported housing services

2. Floating support services 

In Newport, Supporting People funding provides housing-related support services to over 4,000 vulnerable people at any one time.

Download the Newport Directory of Supporting People Services (pdf) 

People receiving housing-related support services may need help with a range of issues which affect their ability to maintain their accommodation.  

Some housing-related support services are designed to support people with additional needs such as domestic abuse, mental health problems, alcohol or substance misuse and particular vulnerability due to their age.  

More information

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Email supporting.people@newport.gov.uk or contact Newport City Council and ask for the supporting people team.