If you live in Newport you can apply for an allotment by contacting the site secretary to ask about availability. 

Apart from on self-managed sites, Newport City Council deals with pricing, eligibility for discounts, billing, cancellation of tenancy and repairs.

Discounts may be offered to senior citizens and people with a disability badge.  

Download the Allotment Handbook (pdf)

Allotment contacts



Barrack Hill

NP20 5PJ

Guy Hall 07799 561219


NP20 7GA

Mario Mancino (01633) 852603   

Cae Perllan Road

NP20 4FF

(01633) 656656 

Capel Crescent

NP20 2EX

Michael Murphy 07523 861 460

Castle Mews

NP18 1BP

(01633) 656656


NP19 8BE

Alan Evans 07763 958229

Coed Melyn

NP20 3QR

Jenny Mitchell (01633) 421546

or 07802 717156

Cold Bath Road, Caerleon

NP18 1NB

Russel Bartram (01633) 423401

Coldra Road

NP20 4FF

Beth Davies (01633) 215550

Coomassie Street

NP20 2JF

Mike Young (01633) 665151


NP10 8TG

Dai Price (01633) 221540

Haldane Place

NP20 6NA

(01633) 656656

Hawthorn Square

NP19 9AD

(01633) 656656


NP19 9QH

(01633) 656656

Maesglas Grove

NP20 3DN

Brian Gapper 07926 890108

Market Gardens

East Grove Road

NP19 9DB

(01633) 656656

Myrtle Grove

NP19 9AU

Mr Keyes (01633) 275946

Portland Street

NP20 2DP

Michael Murphy 07523 861 460

Pugsley Street

NP20 5JU

(01633) 656656

Radnor Road

NP19 7SQ

(01633) 656656

St Julians (Glebelands)

NP19 7HJ

Ann Spruce (01633) 842902

Vivian Road

NP19 0BE

(01633) 656656


Contact Newport City Council and ask for the Streetscene team.