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Public Notices

Traffic Regulation Order, 5 October - 30 October 2020

Street Parking Place for Disabled Persons and Revocation Order 2020

Closed consultations

Expansion of Bassaleg School

Closed 12 November 2020

Newport City Council consulted on the proposal to increase the overall capacity of Bassaleg School with effect from September 2023.


Amalgamation of Kimberley and Fairoak nursery schools

Closed 11 September 2020

Newport City Council consulted on the proposal to:

Amalgamate Kimberley Nursery School and Fairoak Nursery School into a single school on the current Fairoak Nursery School site from September 2021.


Improvements to Black Ash Park and Monkey Island

Closed 8 April 2020

We asked for comments on the council's plans to make improvements to Monkey Island and Black Ash Park in Lliswerry.  


Thank you for sharing your views

All our consultations should be available bilingually, if they are not please email equalities@newport.gov.uk

Contributions and responses are welcomed in Welsh, if you wish to attend a public event and use Welsh please let us know beforehand so we can provide simultaneous translation: equalities@newport.gov.uk 

TRA115348 07/02/2020