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Newport City Council regularly seeks the views of local residents and businesses on important local issues.

Current consultations 

Local Development Order

Closes Friday 22 May 2015

The council is consulting on the establishment of a Local Development Order (LDO)| to remove the 'red tape' for certain types of development in the city centre...

Armed Forces survey

Closes Monday 8 June 2015

Newport City Council wants to ensure that serving armed forces personnel, veterans and their families get the best possible support from the city and is keen to find out how many people in Newport are or have served in the Uk's armed forces. |

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Closes Friday 5 June 2015

The council is consulting on draft SPG documents| which have been prepared to supplement policies in the Adopted Local Development Plan... 

Purchasing social care provision

Social care providers in Newport are invited to give their views on the council's new market position statement.|..   

Recent consultations

Proposed changes to Newport's library service

Closed 29 April 2015

Newport City Council asked residents to comment on a revised set of proposals for the future of the city's library service.

Reforming Local Government

Closed 28 April 2015

The Welsh Government consulted on ideas for changing local government in the future. |

Proposed Welsh-medium secondary school

Closed midnight, 14 April 2015

Comments were invited on the proposed provision of a new Welsh-medium secondary school|...

Budget consultation 2015/2016

Closed 16 January 2015

Comments were requested about the council's budget proposals for the next financial year... |

Improvement Plan Priorities 2015/2016

Closed 19 December 2014

Residents were asked to help choose the top three improvement plan priorities| for Newport in 2015/2016...

Newport's Budget Conversation

Closed 14 November 2014 

Residents were invited to share views about this year's budget| and council services...

Draft City Centre Section 106 Planning Contributions Moratorium 

Closed 23 September 2014

Newport City Council consulted on the Draft City Centre Section 106 Planning Contributions Moratorium Supplementary Planning Guidance|...

Review of voting arrangements 2014

Closed 25 September 2014

Newport City Council reviewed polling stations and districts|... 

Rural Vale of Usk funding

Closed 15 September 2014

Residents were asked to share ideas to help access funding for Newport's rural areas|...

Changes to the Revised Deposit Local Development Plan

Closed 1 August 2014

Newport City Council consulted on a number of proposed changes| as a result of Matters Arising to date during Hearing Sessions 1-19 of the Public Examination...

Adult Social Services

Closed 31 July 2014

Newport City Council consulted on adult social services...|

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