A carer is someone who looks after someone who cannot manage at home without help.   

The person you care for could be a relative, friend or neighbour and they may live with you or in their own home.

Being a carer can be very rewarding but can affect you physically and emotionally and you may have your own needs because of ill health or disability. 

Apply for a carer's assessment

Help and support

Local carers' support groups in Newport can offer support, friendship and activities

Newport Support Partnership offers free advice and support to Newport residents, particularly carers, older people, those with dementia and disabilities.

Community Connectors can offer advice and put you in touch with groups and activities in your area. 

Young carers 

Young carers are under 18 years old and care for or help care for a relative by doing housework, shopping, cooking or looking after brothers and sisters. 

Get in touch for information and advice if you or someone you know is: 

  • under 18 years old
  • living in Newport
  • caring for, or helping to care for someone  

Visit Newport Young Carers service or the Young Carers Gwent websites for further information. 

Further Information 


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