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Newport City Dogs Home is run by Newport City Council and takes in stray dogs found by Newport residents or brought in by the council’s dog wardens.  

Stray dogs found outside working hours should be reported to Summerhill Veterinary Centre on (01633) 255394.

Concerns about dangerous dogs must be reported to the police.

Newport City Dogs Home

Stephenson Street, Newport, NP19 0RB

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Dogs entering the kennels are checked for illness or injury and are treated by a vet if necessary.

Owners have 7 days to claim their dog and every effort is made by the wardens and kennel staff to contact owners.

There is a charge for this service which must be paid before the dog is collected (cash or cheque with bankers card accepted).


The dogs home will accept up to three applications to re-home each dog from the day the dog arrives. 

After seven days staff will look through the applications and select the most appropriate home.  

Factors including the age, training needs and exercise levels of the dog are considered as well as previous experience, working hours and other family members (including children and residents pets) of the potential re-homers. 

Even if there are already three applications to re-home a dog it can be worth keeping in touch to check whether re-homing takes place.  

People quite rightly need to make absolutely sure that they have made the perfect choice, and it can take a few visits before they know for certain.

Sometimes introductions with their own dog do not go well, sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes, on reflection, they keep looking.

It's a good thing that people think long and hard before they commit to sharing their life with a particular dog and it is important that they are absolutely sure they have made the right choice.

If you are unsuccessful in your first choice, please don't give up, it doesn't mean that you are not a potentially great home for a rescue dog, it’s just that the particular dog you chose might be better suited to a different household.

Friends of the Dogs Wales

Newport City Dogs Home works closely with the charity Friends of the Dogs Wales, since 2016 the charity has provided a new facility called the rehoming hub which is used for introducing potential dog owners with strays. The rehoming hub is spacious and relaxed and provides an area for comprehensive assessments of potential rehomers. The friends have also funded various upgrades to the kennel buildings and outside areas for the dogs to exercise.

The partnership has also enabled Newport City Dogs Home to recruit a network of dog walking volunteers to ensure the dogs waiting for a new home are exercised regularly. If you would like to become a volunteer dog walker please contact the kennels on 01633 656656 (Monday-Friday) or 01633 290902 (weekends)



Newport City Dogs Home, Stephenson Street, Newport NP19 0RB

See Newport City Dogs Home on the My Newport map

Telephone: 01633 656656 (Monday-Friday) or 01633 290902 (weekends)


View opening hours and charges