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Newport City Dogs Home accepts applications to re-home stray and unwanted dogs. 

See our Facebook page for dogs currently waiting to be rehomed - applications with supporting evidence must be made within the time period allocated for each dog.   

We aim to find good homes for as many dogs as possible and not to destroy any healthy dog  

Most of our dogs are strays and often we don’t know anything about their origin or background.

We will never rehome a dog which we believe has an aggressive or dangerous temperament, however we are only able to comment on how a dog behaves in the kennel environment. The dogs are held for a minimum of 7 days and if unclaimed at the end of that period they may be rehomed by us. 

Newport Dogs Home needs your help!

Could you look after any of the stray or unwanted dogs until a suitable forever home can be found? 

Since the easing of Covid restrictions, we have seen a large number of dogs needing care at Newport Dogs Home.  Each kennel is now taken, and we are looking for foster carers to ensure we maintain the best for our dogs.

Even if you can only open your heart and home for a short while we would love to hear from you.You will have support you and will be provided with all the food and equipment and help you may need.

Become one of our dog fosterers

The rehoming process

Step 1: research the breed, age and size of dogs to see what might best suit you. Look on the Newport City Dogs Home Facebook page to see if there are any suitable dogs, if you find a dog you are interested in...

Step 2: make an application for the dog with supporting evidence, i.e. medical history of previous pets, landlord permission if you are in rented accommodation, garden photos and proof of ID.

We will consider each application and select up to three potential homes for each dog, notifying them by phone. 

We take into consideration the age, training needs, energy levels and exercise needs of the dog, and also an applicant’s evidence of previous experience with dogs, working hours, family members, provision for the dog etc.  

If you are unsuccessful in your first choice, please don't give up, it doesn't mean that you are not a potentially great home for a rescue dog, it’s just that the particular dog you chose might be better suited to a different household. Our decisions are final. 

If you think you can provide a home and can meet all our needs please complete the application form below:

Complete our dog rehoming application

Step 3: if you are chosen as a potentially good match, you will be contacted to make an appointment to visit us to meet the dog.

During the visit, the rehoming team will observe the interaction between you and the dog and will select the most appropriate match.

There may be a need for more than one visit as introductions will be needed with any other pets, adults or children who will live with the dog.

We may also require a further assessment and information which could include a home or virtual home visit.

Step 4: if you are matched with a dog we will contact you to agree a price and arrange an appointment for you to pick up your new dog.

All our dogs are vet-checked to ensure they are healthy before rehoming. We also requires all rehomed dogs to be microchipped and neutered.

Should the dog become ill (no physical injuries) within 7 days of leaving the kennels we advise that you arrange to see our vet. 

We strongly advise insuring your new dog.  

ln exceptional circumstances we will take a dog back, providing we have space available.

The money paid for the dog is not refundable, please discuss our returns policy with staff if you require further information. 


Appointments must be made with the kennels team before visiting.

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Telephone: (01633) 290902 for further advice. 

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