Garden waste


Garden waste (orange lidded) bins are provided free by Newport City Council to domestic households that have a garden.

They are to be used for garden waste only and must be out for collection by 7.00am.

There are no garden waste collections during winter.

The last collections for 2015 were made week ending 6 November and will start again week beginning 14 March 2016

Cardboard will continue to be collected fortnightly throughout the winter, on your normal collection day in the green bags for card.

Collection days

Find out when your garden waste bin is collected.

Garden waste bin guidelines

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No thanks... 


Grass cuttings

Any plastic e.g. bags, pots, polystyrene


Hedge clippings

Soil, stone and rubble


Shrub and tree prunings

Any household waste


Small branches and twigs

Harmful weeds e.g Japanese knotweed


Leaves and garden fruit.

(Fruit from a shop/kitchen production needs to go into the brown food waste caddy)

Waxed or plastic coated cardboard (thin card*) e.g. drink cartons, detergent boxes


Bedding from rabbits/guinea pigs (small herbivore pets)

Animal waste


Cardboard, please use your cardboard recycling bags 

Please make sure the bin lid can be closed or it will not be collected.

If your garden waste bin has been taken because of incorrect items in the bin please call (01633) 656 656.