Garden waste


Garden waste (orange lidded) bins are provided free of charge by Newport City Council to domestic households with a garden.

They are to be used for garden waste only and must be out for collection by 7.00am.

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Garden waste bin guidelines

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Grass cuttings

Any plastic e.g. bags, pots, polystyrene


Hedge clippings

Soil, turf, stone and rubble


Shrub and tree prunings

Any household or DIY waste


Small branches and twigs

Harmful weeds e.g Japanese knotweed


Leaves and garden fruit


Food waste - fruit from a shop/kitchen production needs to go into the brown food waste caddy


Bedding from rabbits, guinea pigs, small herbivore pets

Animal waste

  Plants, cut flowers and pot compost

Cardboard, please use your cardboard recycling bags 

We cannot empty your garden waste bin if:

  • It contains items unsuitable for this collection as detailed above
  • It contains any bags - garden waste should be loose and not in bags
  • It is too heavy or too full to empty

If your garden bin cannot be emptied because of incorrect items in the bin, an advisory tag will be attached to the bin handle.

Please remove the items and put your bin out to be emptied on the next scheduled collection day.

Garden waste after collection...

Newport’s garden waste is sent to composting facilities where it is turned into soil conditioner suitable for use on agricultural land and in landscaping.

Diverting garden waste from household waste and landfill disposal has environmental and financial benefits and helps improve Newport City Council’s recycling performance.