Food caddy

Newport City Council's recycling partner, Wastesavers, provide households with a small kitchen caddy, a larger food caddy and liners or food waste bags free of charge.

We collect your food waste from your larger food waste caddy every week, on the same day we collect the contents of your green box, red bag and blue bag.

Yes please:

  • Used teabags and coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Raw and cooked meat and fish, including bones and shells
  • Plate scrapings
  • Leftovers that can’t be safely stored to eat later
  • Food that’s no longer safe to eat
  • Animal food

No thank you:

  • Packaging of any kind
  • Liquids such as milk
  • Liquid oils or fats
  • Any material that’s not food waste

If your caddy contains items that shouldn't be there, we won’t collect its contents. Instead, we’ll place a tag on it. Please take a look at the tag and follow the guidance.

Request a caddy for your food waste

 You may collect food waste bags from the following locations:

  • Central Library
  • Malpas Library
  • Ringland Library
  • Rogerstone Library
  • St Julians Library
  • Tredegar House Library
  • Maindee Library
  • Hatherleigh Community Centre
  • Maesglas Community Centre
  • Ringland Community Centre
  • Rivermead Community Centre
  • Caerleon Town Hall
  • Civic Centre Main Reception
  • Wastesavers Reuse shop in Maindee

What happens to your food waste?

Your food waste goes to an anaerobic digestion plant in Aberdare, where the waste is used to generate green electricity and produce biofertiliser for local farmland.