Parking fines

From 1 July 2019 responsibility for issuing and managing fines for the majority of parking offences in Newport rests with Newport City Council.  

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1. Parking fines issued before 1 July 2019

Pay and display offences are £35 when paid within 10 working days (Monday to Friday) of the offence and then £70

Fines issued in business permit areas are at a rate of £70 with no discount period available. 

Use the link below to pay a parking fine received before 1 July 2019:

Pay a parking fine issued before 1 July

You can also pay in person at the Information Station or send a cheque or postal order with your Excess Charge Notice (ECN) number and your name and address written on the back.

Payment must arrive no later than 10 working days (Monday to Friday) after the fine has been issued.


Write to Newport City Council within 7 working days of the offence, including your full name and address and ECN number.

Your appeal must contain evidence to explain why you were parked contrary to parking regulations. 

2. Parking fines issued from 1 July 2019

Use the link below to pay a parking fine received since 1 July 2019

Pay a parking fine issued from 1 July

Appeal a parking fine

Challenge a parking fine online


The car parks team at Newport City Council 

All other parking fines relating to the highway are dealt with by Heddlu Gwent Police