Plan to tackle illegal parking

Posted on Thursday 1st February 2018

Newport City Council has agreed to go ahead with proposals to tackle the problem of irresponsible drivers who ignore traffic regulations and park illegally across the city.

A report on whether decriminalised parking/civil parking enforcement (CPE) could be introduced in Newport was agreed by full council on Tuesday, January 30.

The process was started in December last year after members of the overview and scrutiny management committee recommended the council pursue the action.

Councillor Roger Jeavons, Newport City Council's Cabinet Member for Streetscene welcomed the decision by full council.

"Everyone is rightly very concerned about the number of motorists who selfishly park wherever they want, ignoring traffic orders such as double yellow lines and zigzags on crossings near schools.

"I have said many times in council meetings there is a real danger someone will be seriously hurt or even killed because motorists are ignoring basic rules.

"The process to bring in CPE has now started and I welcome the decision," said Cllr Jeavons.

The decision to bring in parking enforcement powers had to be made because of concerns raised by the public over illegal parking and confirmation that Gwent Police are taking a step back from exercising their powers in this area from December 2018.

The Traffic Management Act 2004 enables local authorities to adopt the powers of enforcing parking, however implementation will take between 18 months and two years said a report to council.

The application to start the process of getting legislation approved via Welsh Government has been approved and in the meantime Gwent Police has now pledged to carry on parking enforcement until an official date for CPE to formally start is introduced.


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