Trial to reduce traffic congestion hailed a success

Posted on Wednesday 14th June 2017
Following on from a successful trial to ease traffic congestion around the city’s Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) Newport City Council is to continue the scheme over the summer.

The reversing of the traffic flow at Docksway will be in place for weekends only until a full review of weekday traffic systems is completed.

Weekends are usually the busiest time for residents wanting to recycle household items and to dispose of residual waste.

During the trial reversing the traffic flow meant the number of vehicles waiting on the A48 was reduced therefore ensuring better traffic safety.

The trigger for the change was the recent Champions League Final where traffic congestion was anticipated as hundreds of thousands of people descended on Wales for one of the biggest sport events of the decade.

The final also prompted a change in Bank Holiday waste and recycling collections which was so successful that Newport City Council and Wastesavers plan to do the same for all bank holidays apart from Christmas starting with the August Bank Holiday collections.

This means bin and recycling collections will remain as normal instead of a day late for Monday bank Holidays.

Councillor Roger Jeavons, Newport City Council’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene, said the changes will help improve waste services in the city.

“Both trials around the Household Waste Recycling Centre and the Bank Holiday collections were very successful.

 “We had a lot of positive feedback from both residents and staff which we have taken on board and this is why we are introducing these new schemes.

“We will trial the reverse traffic flow during summer and if there is still positive feedback we will make it a permanent feature.

“The Bank Holiday waste collections will also stay for August and we are glad to say Wastesavers are also following suit,” said Councillor Jeavons.

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