The council welcomes correspondence with residents via:

Staff wellbeing

NCC employees have the right to work without fear of harassment, abuse, or violence.

Any kind of aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The council will take any offensive, threatening, or violent behaviour seriously.

The conduct may be recorded and shared between the relevant council departments. It could lead to the withdrawal of some council services.

How you contact the council may be subject to restrictions. It may also be controlled in a specified manner. 

We reserve the right to contact the police. This may result in prosecution.

Contact your councillor

Newport City Council’s 51 elected councillors can be contacted by email, telephone or by post.

You can search for your councillor by name or ward.

Petition scheme 

We aim to be open and responsive to the needs of our residents. Residents should always be able to have their say so that the feel listened to. For more information, please read the petitions scheme information pdf.

Find us in person

To find the address for the Civic Centre visit my Newport.

The Civic Centre is closed to the public. It is open only for staff and residents with an appointment. 

Online security

The council has safety features to protect our computer network from dangerous emails. Any email you send us will be scanned for harmful words, files, etc. The council can block emails for more than one reason. 

If you don’t get a response within a reasonable amount of time, you can call us.

Message encryption

Microsoft office message encryption is used to securely send private emails. 

To protect private information, we might send you a one-time code. This means you can access the information safely. 

Emails from the council will always end