Report a missed collection

You should place your bins at your collection point by 6am on your collection day.

On your collection day, we may collect the contents of your waste containers at any time up until 3pm.

We’ve likely missed your collection if:

  • your bin was presented on time
  • we haven’t collected them by 3pm
  • we’ve not placed stickers or tags on them

Please note there are some circumstances when we won’t have collected the contents of your container(s):

  • if you put additional waste alongside, or on top of, your containers, this is known as ‘side waste’, which we won’t collect
  • if you put the wrong items in your container(s), we won’t collect its contents
  • if it was not presented at the time the collection vehicle attended your street/ property

If we’ve marked your container with a sticker or tag, please take a look at it and follow the guidance.

If you’re unsure why we’ve not collected your waste, or why we’ve placed a sticker or tag on your container, please use Wastesavers’ A – Z of recycling in Newport.