Litter picking

Request a litter picking collection

If you would like litter pick or join the volunteers who help keep Newport's communities’ litter-free, contact Keep Wales Tidy we will collect the waste collected.

Keep Wales Tidy will direct you to your nearest hub, they will supply all the equipment/bags that you will need as well as providing information on insurance and how to operate safety. 

Keep Wales Tidy will be able to advise you on suitable routes.

All litter picks must be registered with us on-line or via the contact centre. 

If the collection is under 10 bags, we can be contacted after the event has taken place to arrange collection. If the collection is over 10 bags, we require 1 weeks’ notice. 

When litter picking you should:

  • register with Keep Wales Tidy
  • only pick litter from public land
  • keep safe during the litter pick
  • do not pick up hazardous waste
  • do not move or collect any fly tipping
  • sort any recyclable materials into separate bags
  • contact us regarding a suitable location where we can safety collect the waste
  • do not litter pick on roads with speed limits above 30 mph

Residents responsibility 

Households have a legal responsibility to make sure all rubbish is disposed of correctly.

If you have your rubbish removed and it ends up being fly tipped, you could be held responsible and fined.