St Andrew’s Primary School progress update

Work is progressing on the new building for key stage two pupils at St Andrew’s Primary School.
St Andrew's Primary School under construction / Ysgol Gynradd St Andrew yn cael ei hadeiladu.

It will provide an excellent teaching environment where children can thrive and enjoy learning.

When planning permission was granted last year, it was anticipated that the construction would be complete by the end of 2024.

Earlier this year, it was hoped the opening date would be brought forward with pupils and staff moving back in September.

However, due to some unexpected delays, the work is now expected to be completed by the end of this year to open in January 2025.

Junior pupils and staff have been relocated in Newport Live’s Connect Centre building where learning has continued in a safe and pleasant environment. This arrangement, including free transport, will continue until the end of the autumn term.

Younger children have remained on the St Andrew’s site as other buildings were unaffected.

The key stage two building on the St Andrew’s site in Lliswerry was closed because of significant structural issues, including complex foundation defects, and was demolished last year.

Parents have been made aware of the new completion date and will be kept updated over the coming months.

We would like to thank the head teacher and the staff for creating such a welcoming learning environment in the Connect Centre where the pupils continue to receive a high quality of education.