Council powering towards cleaner streets with new electric cleaning vehicle

A new vehicle is harnessing the power of renewable energy to help clean the streets of Newport.
New electric street washer in Newport city centre / Golchwr stryd trydan newydd yng nghanol dinas Casnewydd

The Addex Electra 2.0 Hydro Street Washer, the latest addition to Newport City Council’s electric vehicle fleet, is already operating in the city centre.

The council is initially trialling the use of the vehicle to see what impact it has on our cleaning schedules.

The Street Washer runs on 100 per cent electric power. It is estimated to save around 22,500 kgs of CO2 annually when compared to a diesel-powered equivalent.

As well as running on clean energy, the vehicle uses no chemicals as part of its operation, and has a reduced impact on paving while still delivering the same results as a manual jet wash lance.

The compact nature of the vehicle also allows us to use it in areas such as subways.

Using the street washer in key areas will also free up cleansing operatives to help us cover more of the city.

Councillor Yvonne Forsey, cabinet member for climate change and biodiversity, said: “We know that our residents hold clean streets as one of their top priorities for Newport.

“We are confident that the Hydro Street Washer, which is better for the environment and better for our streets, will help us continue to deliver that priority, while also helping to deliver our priority of tackling the climate and ecological emergency."