Recycling Banks

In addition to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, there are a number of recycling bank sites across Newport where items can be taken. 

  • Recycling banks are suitable for small amounts of recyclable materials only, large items and full bags are not allowed 

  • Containers are emptied frequently but some sites are heavily used so please take your items home if the containers are full 

  • Do not leave items or bags on the ground as you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice for fly-tipping  

Christchurch view car park

  • Cans

  • Glass

Chepstow Road, A48 lay-by (Parc Seymour)

  • Cans

  • Glass

Civic Centre (main entrance)

  • Glass

Hill St (service road)

  • Cans

  • Glass

Maindee car park

  • Cans and plastic bottles

  • Glass

  • Paper

Sainsburys, A4042 Crindau

  • Clothing and shoes

  • Household batteries (in-store)

  • Soft plastics


Recycling bank provision is being reviewed as all materials collected at the banks can now be recycled in your weekly kerbside collections.

Remember, residents are able to:

Please email with any queries.


TRA127418 28/1/2020