Book to visit the household waste recycling centre

Don't buy new, give your broken items a second chance.

Repair directory

Everything we buy will break eventually. When this happens don’t just throw it away. Most items can be easily fixed, often for a low price. 

Why not help the environment, lower CO2 emissions and save some money along the way.

Find a local repair business on the online repair directory.

Tip shop

The tip shop is open Monday - Sunday, 9am – 4pm.

You don't need an appointment to visit the tip shop.

If you have an appointment to visit the household waste recycling centre you may visit the tip shop before or after your visit.

The tip shop is located at Newport's HWRC and is run by Wastesavers

Reusable items that are too good to tip are cleaned and prepared ready for sale.  

The shop sells:

  • furniture
  • homeware
  • bric-a-brac
  • bikes
  • golf clubs
  • games

Stock is refreshed weekly. Whether you need furniture for home or something to help a hobby, please come and take a look. 

Keep an eye online on Facebook and X for featured items available in the shop.