Newport City Council has a chief executive and two strategic directors who together oversee the delivery of services.

Directors have collective responsibility for cultural change, European affairs and diversity and equality.

Chief Executive: Beverly Owen

Corporate Plan theme: Taking Forward the Single Integrated Plan

Strategic partnerships: One Newport Local Service Board 

Overviews the strategic directors, the head of finance and the head of people and business change. 

Other strategic roles are head of paid service, principal policy adviser to the authority, corporate plan, community strategy, member development, budget strategy, governance, communications, organisational development, returning officer.

Strategic Director - People: (vacant)

Corporate Plan theme: Care and Customers

Strategic partnerships: One Newport Local Service Board - theme lead for alcohol and substance misuse.

Overviews the head of adult and community services, the head of children and young people and the chief education officer. 

Other strategic roles include partnering with health, community cohesion, diversity, the voluntary sector, the preventative agenda and 14-19 partnership.

Strategic Director – Place: (vacant) 

Corporate Plan theme: Regeneration and the Environment

Strategic partnerships: theme lead for skills and work, economic opportunity, and city centre.

Overviews the head of regeneration, investment and housing, the head of law and regulation and the head of streetscene and city services.  

Other strategic roles include the regeneration of the city, marketing and events, transport strategy, climate change and sustainability, skills and worklessness agenda, neighbourhood working and area management, asset management and Newport City Homes.