2015-2016 Improvement Plan


The council has to publish its improvement objectives each year, assess its performance against those objectives and ensure that the objectives are published and available for public comment.

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Corporate Plan 2012 - 2017

Download and view the Corporate Plan, 2012 - 2017 (pdf) which sets out what the council plans to achieve over the next three years. 

Improvement Plan 2015/16

Newport City Council's Annual Improvement Plan 2015-2016 (pdf) was agreed by Full Council on 28 April 2015 and sets out the overall improvement objectives the council has for the city and for itself as an organisation.  

  • Newport is a caring city
  • Newport is a fairer city
  • Newport is a learning and working city
  • Newport is a greener and healthier city
  • Newport is a safer city

Download the Improvement Plan 2015/2016 summary (pdf) / Cynllun Gwella 2015/2016 (pdf)

The Annual Improvement Plan 2014/15 (pdf), Annual Improvement Plan 2014/15 (Welsh) (pdf), summary (pdf) and summary (Welsh) (pdf) are also available. 

2013/2014 Performance Review

Download the Annual Performance Review 2013/2014 (pdf) Annual Performance Review 2013/14 (Welsh) which provides details about the council's performance during this time.

Corporate Assessment 2013

In September 2013 the Wales Audit Office published their Corporate Assessment (pdf).

The council has issued a Statement in Response to the Recommendations(pdf) made in the Wales Audit Office report.

Improving services

Each council service area has its own service improvement plan, agreed by the appropriate cabinet member, which sets out what the service expects to achieve during the year and identifies targets for service performance.

See the council's service plans

Annual Report of the Director of Social Services 

Each year councils in Wales are required to analyse and assess services provided and consider what they are doing well, what could be done better and to pull together evidence that supports the conclusions reached.

These internally reached judgements can then be challenged by partners, carers and users of service.

At the end of this process the Director of Social Services produces an Annual Report that gives an overview of the service followed by a detailed account of performance in both Children and Adult Services during the year and priorities for the next.

Download and view the Annual Report for the Director of Social Services 2013-14 (pdf)

See also the Annual Report 2012-13 (pdf), Annual Report 2011-12 (pdf), Annual Report 2010-11 (pdf) and the Annual Report 2009-10 (pdf).

Risk management

Download the council's Risk Management Strategy and Register (pdf)

Have your say

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