The council's performance is monitored to show how objectives have been met and improvement has been achieved.

We use performance indicators to monitor our performance and some of these indicators are submitted to the Welsh Government for comparison to other authorities.   

Corporate Plan 

Download and view the Corporate Plan 2017-2022 (pdf) which sets out what the council plans to achieve over the next five years.

Read about the council's Well-being objectives

Improvement Plan 2016-18

The council has to publish improvement objectives each year and assess performance against these.

We also have to ensure that the objectives are published and available for public comment.

Newport City Council's Improvement Plan for 2016-2018 was agreed by Full Council on 26 April 2016 and sets out the overall improvement objectives the council has for the city and for itself as an organisation.

Download the Improvement Plan 2016-2018 (pdf) 

Download the Summary Improvement Plan 2016-2018 (pdf) 

Download the Annual Review of the Well-being Objectives and Improvement Plan 2017-2018 (pdf)  

The Improvement Plan objectives match these Corporate Plan themes: 

  • Newport is a caring city
  • Newport is a fairer city
  • Newport is a learning and working city
  • Newport is a greener and healthier city
  • Newport is a safer city

Improvement Plan 2015-2016

Improvement Plan Reviews

Download the Annual Review of the Improvement Plan 2016-18 (pdf) 

Download the Annual Performance Review 2013-14 (pdf) 

Current performance  

Early year-end analysis 2016-2017 report for Cabinet (pdf) 

Corporate Assessment 

During February and March 2016 the Wales Audit Office reviewed the progress the council had made in implementing the Recommendations and Proposals for Improvement from the full Corporate Assessment in 2013 and the review from November and December 2014. 

Download the Corporate Assessment Review (pdf)  

Director of Social Services annual report

Each year councils in Wales analyse and assess services provided and consider what they are doing well and what could be done better.

The council's director of social services produces an annual report that gives an overview of the service followed by a detailed account of performance during the year and priorities for the next.

Download Director of social services annual report 2017-2018 (pdf)

Download the Annual Report 2016-17 (pdf), Annual Report 2015-16 (pdf), Annual Report 2014-15 (pdf), Annual Report 2013-14 (pdf), Annual Report 2012-13 (pdf), Annual Report 2011-12 (pdf), Annual Report 2010-11 (pdf) and the Annual Report 2009-10 (pdf).

Risk management

Download the council's Risk Update for Cabinet (pdf) 


Email, telephone (01633) 656656, minicom (01633) 656657 for another format.