Council performance 2015/16, quarter 2

Performance data from the improvement plan for the last published quarter:  

Service plan indicators performance


  • All types of measures are recorded in the relevant service area’s service plan
  • Targets for all measures are determined during the service planning process and set out the desired standard or level of performance to be achieved during the year
  • 76% of measures have met or exceeded the targets set (green) and 15% were close to target (amber), 9% were over 15% away from target (red) and no data was available for 0% (grey).

National indicators performance 


  • There are 42 National Indicators for 2014/15 made up of National Strategic Indicators (NSI)and Public Accountability Measures (PAM)
  • At the end of the financial year the performance for the whole year for these measures is reported to the Data Unit Wales for comparison to other Welsh authorities
  • In quarter 2 72% of national measures performed better than last year
  • 59% of national exceeded or met their target

Further information

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Reports to the Performance Board, including a review of 14/15 performance and improvement plan updates, are published quarterly on the democracy pages

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