Assessment of Local Well-being

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 sets out a statutory requirement for local authority areas to prepare a Local Well-being Plan to replace the existing Single Integrated Plan.

An Assessment of Local Well-being must be developed to include:

  • which communities are in the area

  • analysis of the state of well-being of Newport as a whole

  • analysis of the state of well-being of each community (ward profiles)

  • predictions of likely future trends in the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of the area

  • any other related analytical data and information that the Public Services Board considers appropriate

The assessment must also refer to:

  • national indicators as published in the National Annual Well-being Report

  • National Future Trends report

Newport approach

The Newport Assessment of Local Well-being contains an assessment of the state of well-being of Newport as a whole and 20 community well-being profiles which comprise the whole area.

Each profile will be split in to six sections:

  • preface

  • community overview

  • economic well-being

  • social well-being

  • environmental well-being

  • cultural well-being

The Public Services Board signed off the assessment on 25 April 2017 following consultation with a number of statutory consultees including its own members, other partners, local authority scrutiny committee, voluntary sector organisations and the public.

Download an overview assessment, the Newport Community Well-being Profile 2017 (pdf) / Proffil Llesiant Cymunedol 2017 (pdf)

In addition to the Community Profile there are other assessments that will be considered when developing the Local Well-being Plan: 

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