Assessment of Local Well-being

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 requires local authority areas to prepare a Local Well-being Plan to replace the existing Single Integrated Plan.

An Assessment of Local Well-being has to be developed to include:

  • the communities in the area

  • analysis of the state of well-being of Newport as a whole

  • analysis of the state of well-being of each community (ward profiles)

  • predictions of likely future trends in the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of the area

  • any other related analytical data and information that the Public Services Board considers appropriate

The assessment must also refer to:

  • national indicators as published in the National Annual Well-being Report

  • National Future Trends report

Newport approach

The Newport Assessment of Local Well-being looks at the state of well-being of Newport as a whole and 20 community well-being profiles, each split in to six sections:

  • preface

  • community overview

  • economic well-being

  • social well-being

  • environmental well-being

  • cultural well-being

The Public Services Board signed off the assessment on 25 April 2017 following consultation with its own members, other partners, local authority scrutiny committee, voluntary sector organisations and the public.

Download an overview assessment, the Newport Community Well-being Profile 2017 (pdf) / Proffil Llesiant Cymunedol 2017 (pdf)

In addition to the Community Profile there are other assessments that will be considered when developing the Local Well-being Plan: 

Contact Newport City Council's policy, partnership and involvement team at with any queries.

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 came into force on 6 April 2016 and changes the way people’s needs are assessed and how services are delivered - people will have more of a say in the care and support they receive.

It also promotes a range of help available within the community to reduce the need for formal, planned support:

  • services will be available to provide the right support at the right time
  • more information and advice will be available
  • assessment will be simpler and proportionate
  • carers will have an equal right to be assessed for support
  • there will be stronger powers to keep people safe from abuse and neglect

Population Needs Assessment

The Social Services and Wellbeing Act, Part Two, Section 14, requires local authorities and local health boards to jointly carry out an assessment of the needs for care and support, and the support needs of carers in the local authority areas.

Care and support is in relation to people known to social services and those supported through preventative services.

The population needs assessment (PNA) will consist of two sections:

  • assessing the extent to which there are people or their carers who need care and support and the extent to which they need support
  • assessing the range and level of services required for the care and support needs of the population, their carers, to prevent needs arising and escalating, and the actions required to provide services in Welsh 

The first population needs assessment (pdf) / asesu anghenion poblogaeth (pdf) was published in April 2017 and there is also an expectation that a regional joint action plan will be published by April 2018.

Download the population needs assessment summary (pdf) / asesu anghenion poblogaeth crynodeb (pdf)

The benefits expected are more opportunities for regional working, joint commissioning and maximising of resources.

For more information please contact