Well-being Plan Front Cover (part)

Well-being Plan

The local well-being plan was signed off by the PSB on the 1 May 2018 and published on the 3 May 2018 and sets out the PSB's priorities and actions for the next five years to improve the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Newport.

The plan sets out local well-being objectives, priorities and steps that the board proposes to take to meet the objectives and will act as the main work-plan and focus of the PSB.

During 2020-21 the PSB reviewed their well-being objectives and values along with the steps and actions within 4 of the 5 interventions. Therefore in August 2021 we revised the Well-being Plan, which can be accessed below:

Newport Well-being Plan 2018-23_EN - Revised Aug 2021 (pdf)

Newport Well-being Plan 2018-23_CY - Revised Aug 2021 (pdf)

The view the original version of the well-being plan see below:

Newport’s Well-being Plan 2018-23 (pdf) 

Cynllun Llesiant Casnewydd 2018-23 (pdf) 

Well-being Plan Easy Read Summary - Draft (pdf) 

Well-being Plan Animation Video - English  /  Cymraeg

Why do we need a Well-being Plan?

Wales faces a number of challenges now and in the future, such as austerity, climate change, poverty, health inequalities, an ageing population, jobs and growth. To tackle these we need to work differently. 

To give our children and grandchildren a good quality of life we need to think about how the decisions we make now will impact on them in the future.

How we are going to work differently?

We are committed to working together with local communities towards the common goals and objectives set out in the plan. We will achieve this by:

Looking to the long term - being aware of and addressing, the well-being of future generations while addressing the needs of the people we currently serve.

Prevention - exploring how to break cycles and dig deeper to better understand the causes and effects of key issues that people and communities face. Finding enabling solutions and intervening at the right time to prevent problems getting worse or arising in the future.

Taking an integrated approach - fully considering the connections between the well-being goals, the PSB well-being objectives and the well-being objectives of individual organisations. Taking steps which maximise the collective impact to the well-being goals rather than just meeting the objectives.

Collaborating with others - strengthening joint working across the city’s public service.  No single organisation is able to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Newport on its own. Taking a collaborative approach ensures that actions are complementary and therefore maximise the collective impact.

Involving people - developing solutions in partnership with local people and communities and ensuring they are involved in the decisions that affect them.

How was the local Well-being Plan developed?

PSB members along with other partners and professionals prioritised issues identified from the Community Well-being Profiles, considering how we could maximise the PSB’s contribution to the Five Ways of Working and the Well-being Goals.

Thirteen main priorities were identified and agreed by the PSB and used to develop four well-being objectives that deliver against multiple well-being goals and encompass the thirteen priorities.

Well-being objectives

On the 8 December 2020 the PSB agreed to revised Well-being Objectives, which are shown below:

1. Everyone feels good about living, working, visiting and investing in our unique city.

2. Everyone has the skills and opportunities they need to develop, prosper and contribute to a thriving, sustainable city.

3. Everyone belongs to resilient, friendly, connected communities and feels confident and empowered to improve their well-being.

4. Newport has healthy, safe and resilient environments with an integrated sustainable travel network.

When developing the plan we were keen to ensure that it was targeted and focused. We felt that all the priorities were important and did not want to discount any of them or prioritise one over another.

So rather than rationalise the number an approach was agreed to identify a number of key cross-cutting interventions that would span the 13 priorities and maximise the contribution to all the Well-being Goals.

Cross-cutting interventions

Follow the links below for information about the strands of the Well-being Plan:

The Newport Offer

Strong Resilient Communities

Right Skills

Green and Safe Spaces

Sustainable Travel

Performance Reporting 

Supporting documents

The development of the plan was supported by the following documents:

Community Well-being Profile

Choosing Emerging Priorities

RA1 - Understanding Outcomes

RA2-3 - Linking Interventions to Outcomes

Family walking in sun

Cyclists on Riverfront Cycle Route - Transporter Bridge