Ryder Cup 2010 Ryder Cup Wales

Welcome to Newport

host city to The 2010 Ryder Cup


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The City

Those who know Newport well, recognise it as a multi-cultural community with its own unique atmosphere, where traditional industries exist alongside new electronics and financial service sectors.

Standing at the gateway between England and Wales, Newport covers a geographical area of just over 73.5 square miles and is a vibrant, forward-thinking city steeped in a rich industrial and architectural heritage. In the nineteenth century, its important strategic location really started to be capitalised on, and Newport became one of the busiest and most important ports in the world, claiming to have the world's largest lock when Town Dock was built in 1842.

For all its historic interest, Newport has more than it's past to commend it. In recent years, some of the more traditional industries have declined, and now the city is successfully proving that it can re-establish and adapt itself as a centre of modern industry and commerce, attracting new businesses and people in from outside the area.

It is an extremely green city, being 70% rural, and you are never far away from ornamental parks, sports fields, and the open countryside and farmland.

Newport is undergoing an extensive transformation that will change the face of the city, creating an inspiring new environment in which people will enjoy living and working, and visitors will appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and excellent shopping.