We've got lots of FREE children's activities taking place at the Tiny Rebel Newport Food Festival on Saturday 6 October including…

Wonderbrass are a 25+ strong ‘explosion of sound’ bringing a mixture of New Orleans jazz, ska, funk and fun to audiences nationwide.

Chic Eggs
Along with their chef, these eggs love to interact with the public; chirruping with pleasure, vying for attention, hiding inside their shells and ruffling each others’ feathers. 

Hungry Chefs
These larger than life Michelin starred chefs and their inflated egos are bounding around on big bouncing stilts, using their super sensitive sense of smell to sniff out a new rare delicacy! If you’re lucky they’ll tenderise your shoulders for you with a nice little massage, season you with their giant black crack pepper grinder and garnish you with a little twig of parsley from their mobile herb selection. 

01.10.15 mh Newport Food Festival 194Flying Start face painting
Face stencilling and children’s colouring activities based in the café area of Newport Market will be provided by Newport City Council’s Flying Start team.


Magic Chef
A balloon modelling magic chef will be attending the event giving out animal and object shaped balloons to request. 

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