What is Health Challenge Newport?

Health Challenge Newport aims to inform and support people in Newport in living a healthy lifestyle.

This website holds hints and tips for getting you and your family healthy. It also tells you what is available in Newport to support you and links to other important information.

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These projects are coordinated by Health Challenge Newport to support you and your family.

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2 large glasses of wine

have as many calories

as a hamburger!


From @ASHWalesCymru: e-cigarettes and young people survey for 13-18 year olds https://t.co/TG42TQQnh7 - 8 months ago

In 2013 children taking part in sport & physical activity (3 or more times a week) has risen to 40% - http://t.co/DbH5epkfkU - 9 months ago

Cigarettes contain methanol (rocket fuel) and ammonia (toilet cleaner).

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True. They also contain cadmium (battery fluid), arsenic (poison) and insecticide!

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