Special Educational Needs


Every child develops and learns at a different rate, some children find learning easy, some find it hard and some may need more support.

If you or the school are concerned that your child is not making progress, it is possible that they may have special educational needs (SEN).

How school can help

The school's special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo) can assess your child's strengths and weaknesses and advise other members of staff who are involved with your child.

If the school thinks your child has special educational needs they must tell you and discuss what help is needed. 

An individual education plan (IEP) will be written and will include information about what your child needs to learn, how this will be taught, who will help and when the plan will be reviewed

The school should always tell you how they are helping your child and what progress is being made. 


Email inclusion.enquiries@newport.gov.uk and the education inclusion team will get back to you.