Childcare for prioritised key workers

Eligible parents of mainstream school children who are currently in Reception to Year 7 can apply for a place for childcare provision.

Places should not be requested for children who, based on government advice, should be self-isolating or socially distancing.


If one parent is a critical worker, they should be able to access childcare provision.

If one parent is a critical worker and the other parent is not, then the other parent should provide safe alternative arrangements at home when possible.

Due to the limited capacity of schools places will only be considered for the following key worker groups:

  • health and social care
  • education and childcare
  • public safety and national security
  • local and national government (staff essential for the COVID-19 response)
  • food and other necessary goods
  • utilities, communication and financial services
  • transport
  • key public services

Pupil transport will not be available during this period unless it is for a specific child who is accessing transport to Maes Ebbw School or Ysgol Bryn Derw.

Schools will be operating as childcare facilities rather than delivering formal learning. 

To apply, read about COVID-19 childcare for children aged 0-4 years


Complete the application form below - either choose the ‘guest’ option on the log in page or use / register for a Newport City Council login.

COVID-19 childcare application form

Parents will be informed as soon as possible by individual schools if they have a place. 

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