Skyline Challenge FAQs

Walk the Port 2016

Walk the Port 2017 Skyline Challenge

Frequently asked questions 

Do I really need a map?

Yes, you really do - or at least someone in your group needs to have a map and be able to read it!

Your map is your most important piece of kit, we provide route descriptions and route cards that relate to your OS map.

There will be photocopies of the route available on the morning for reference, they are not intended to be used for navigation as they do not have the detail of an OS map and are not water proof.

It is your responsibility to bring the relevant OS map.

If you are on a led walk, your walk leader will have a map and be familiar with the route.

We will provide a KML file for your GPS device (if you have one).

I’m thinking about taking part in one of the longer challenges, I feel fit enough to do it but I cannot read a map, what would you advise?

There are three options open to you:

  • learn how to read a map - check out the Ordnance Survey website.
  • buddy up beforehand with a friend or colleague who can read a map and make sure they are happy to stay with you throughout the challenge.
  • sign up for a led walk.

Will the route be way marked?

90% of the route will be NOT be way marked, part of the challenge is being able to navigate your way around the county.

Can I run?

Yes, you can run the longer 9 and 16 mile routes but please remember that the event is set up with walkers and fun-runners in mind.

The route will not be way marked like a club cross country event so you will need to navigate independently while running and we will not be chip timing. 

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the walks unless they are required for therapy or assistance because some walks cross fields with cattle.

Why are there checkpoints on the route?

To keep you safe! Using checkpoints lets us to know roughly where you are on the route and gives entrants a place to drop out if they feel they have had enough. 

Each checkpoint is manned and has water and energy snacks. Although you need to carry food and water for the day the checkpoints mean you can carry a smaller bottle and refill it on route.

The Rambler led walk (9 miles) may not pass any of the checkpoints, so you would need to carry any water and food you require.

The terms and conditions mentions cut-off times at checkpoints, what does that mean? 

To ensure the safety of participants, volunteers and staff we have to put some time limits on the walking event and we would like all entrants to finish by 6.30pm at the latest.

We set the cut-off times by working backwards from 6.30pm, looking at the distance between checkpoints  and estimating how long it should take someone to walk it (at a slow pace).

We then set a cut-off time for each checkpoint which means that if you don’t get to a checkpoint by a certain time, you will be asked to drop out as you won’t be able to get to the finish by 6.30pm.

You will be transported back to the start/finish point.

What if I miss the cut off time and refuse to drop out?

Nobody likes to drop out of a walking event when they set out to complete one, we understand how motivated people are to finish and how upset they are if they are not going to get to the end.

However, when you register for the event you agree to abide by the rules and i you refuse to drop out you will disrupt the event and put yourself, volunteers and staff in danger.

As an adult you are responsible for yourself and can choose to ignore our advice but full responsibility will fall on you for your actions and potential consequences. 

Please remember that the cut-off times are set because we care about all of our challengers and volunteers.

Are there toilets on route?

There are no toilets located on route as the walks were chosen based on countryside, terrain and views. 


More questions? Please email