Council's dog section get gold!

Posted on Monday 2nd October 2017
Buster at Newport City Dogs Home

Buster at Newport City Dogs Home

The council’s Newport City Dogs Home, and its dog control service, has achieved the Stray Dogs Gold Footprints award for the fourth year running.

The award is part of the RSPCA’s Community Animal Welfare Footprints 2017 (CAWF).

To achieve gold status, the team at Newport City Council had to show evidence of:

  • dog handling, dog welfare and behaviour competency for all officers responsible for stray dog collection;
  • procedures to treat injured and sick stray dogs efficiently and humanely, including those found by the public;
  • the council’s stray dog kennels and out-of-hours reception centre having clear facilities, protocols and procedures that meet the five needs defined under the Animal Welfare Act;
  • an out-of-hours provision at Summerhill Veterinary Practice, Newport
  • information provided to owners reclaiming strays on how to prevent the animal straying again;
  • a clear rehoming policy for kennels to ensure all dogs rehomed are assessed – behaviourally and physically – for identification, and that potential new owners are vetted with the help of our partners Friends of the Dogs Wales.
  • active promotion of microchipping and/or other methods of permanent identification, neutering and the duty of care under section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006;
  • microchipping offered to all stray dogs before being returned to owners or rehomed;
  • regular proactive work to encourage responsible pet ownership.

Councillor Ray Truman, Cabinet Member for Licensing and Regulation said: “Our staff work hard to ensure that any stray or unwanted dogs are well cared for and provided with the most suitable opportunity for their future care.

“I am very pleased that the efforts of the team have once again been recognised and would also like to thank our charity partner Friends of the Dogs Wales who we work so closely with.”

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