COVID-19 Return to work guidance


UK Government guidance

1. General guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19) - this guidance will assist employers, businesses and their staff in staying open safely during coronavirus (COVID-19).

2. Read guidance on physical distancing in the workplace

3.The latest Welsh Government guidance: Unlocking our society and economy, continuing the conversation

4. Guidance for coronavirus (COVID 19): closure of businesses and premises

5. Coronavirus (COVID-19): information for individuals and businesses in Wales

6. Responsibility is on business owners to ensure all reasonable measures are put in place in the workplace to protect employees and prevent transmission. Duties under HSE in relation to reporting exposure to coronavirus in the workplace 

7. Guidance for: Help and support if your business is affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) 

8. The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance: Support for business and local authorities 

Other support

Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Graduate Scheme

The anticipated impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the economy and businesses within the Cardiff Capital Region is expected to be considerable. We have streamlined our Graduate Scheme to provide a swifter turnaround from advert to appointment and ensure that key businesses can urgently access the crucial skills they need in terms of graduate talent.   

We will be soon launching a campaign specifically targeted towards sectors and industries that may be facing additional demand or shifting their focuses in a response to the crisis, namely:

-          MedTech and Life Sciences

-          Manufacturing

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