Candidate sites

What is a Candidate Site?

A Candidate Site is a one that someone wishes to propose to the council for inclusion in the Local Development Plan.

Any use of land can be proposed, this could be for development, for safeguarding or protecting land from development.

To be included in the plan, Candidate Sites will need to help to achieve the overall Vision and Objectives of the plan that have already been set.

Each Candidate Site has a completed a Candidate Site Criteria Form and provided a red line plan (see register below for full details).

An assessment of all sites that have been submitted will now be carried out by the Council.

More detailed information is available in the Guidance Notes.


The call for candidate sites was made as part of the evidence gathering stage in the preparation of the Newport Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026 (the LDP). A six week consultation period was given for submission of sites from 20 March to 6 May 2009 (this included an allowance for the 3 bank holidays falling within the period).

There will be opportunity later in the process for any interested party to make representations on sites the Council wishes to propose for inclusion in the Local Development Plan. This process is called Site Allocation Representation stage which follows directly after the deposit plan consultation, for more information please view the Delivery Agreement.

The Register

These sites are NOT part of the plan, but have been submitted to the council for consideration. This information gathering exercise is part of the process for preparing plans set out in Welsh Assembly Government guidance. It should NOT be taken as any commitment that the council will take these sites forward into the plan.

The Register lists the candidate sites submitted. These are arranged by ward, and by site number within wards. A site plan and details submitted as required by the Candidate Site Criteria is also available for each site.

Please click on the following links for the Register

The Candidate Site Register (alphabetical ward order)

The Candidate Site Register (Site reference number order)

You can also view the total number of sites within the Newport Council Boundary

Candidate Sites West Map

Candidate Sites East Map

If you have any concerns about the accuracy of site plans or the detailed information available please contact a member of the Policy team on the details below.

Major Candidate Sites

The call for major candidate sites was made as part of the evidence gathering stage in the preparation of the Newport Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026 (the LDP). A six week period was given for submission of such sites from 10 September to 22 October 2008.


This is a register of all the sites submitted to the council during the Major Candidate Sites consultation conducted in September and October 2008. This list is published for information purposes only, and while the council will consider these submissions in preparing Strategic Options for the Local Development Plan, the council does not give any commitment to include any of the sites in the eventual plan: that will need to be determined as part of the plan preparation process.