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Newport Community Infrastructure Levy – Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Stage

Consultation closed 7 August 2015

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new charging mechanism for securing contributions from developers. 

The CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Stage is Newport City Council's initial proposal for the CIL rates which are now subject to public consultation. 

The council is proposing the following CIL rates:  

Residential CIL



Malpas and Bettws

    £60sqm  (CIL Zone 1)

Newport East

    £60sqm  (CIL Zone 1)

Rogerstone/Newport West

    £25sqm  (CIL Zone 2)

Caerleon/rural Newport

    £60sqm  (CIL Zone 1)





The Newport Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule and CIL Viability Assessment (pdf) sets out how these rates were derived.

CIL will be used to provide infrastructure necessary to deliver growth in Newport and the council has produced a Draft Infrastructure Plan (pdf) (known as a Regulation 123 List) to identify what infrastructure is needed.  

The following supporting documents have been produced to help the council in setting its proposed CIL rates and are part of the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Stage: 

Land and Property Value Appraisal Study (pdf)

Newport City Construction Cost Report (pdf)

Newport Commercial Viability Appraisal 

Newport Residential Viability Appraisal  

Have your say

This consultation closed at 5pm on Friday 7 August 2015.  

Next steps 

The council will consider the comments received, make any necessary amendments and then prepare a Draft Charging Schedule, which will be open to consultation later this year. 

The council will aim to submit the CIL Charging Schedule to an independent examiner in December 2015. 

The CIL Charging Schedule will then be expected to be examined in public with anticipated adoption in early 2016.


If you have any questions about CIL please contact Newport City Council and ask for the planning policy team.  

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