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Newport's Budget Challenge
Budget Saving Proposals for 2019-20

Her Cyllideb Casnewydd
Cynigion am Arbedion yn y Gyllideb ar gyfer 2019-20

As part of the council’s budget setting process we try to find out and understand the opinions, needs and suggestions of members of the public, specific service users and other stakeholders.

Although we are aware that maintaining the best possible level of public service is important to residents, a balanced budget has to be set. This is proving harder each year as the demand for services grows, costs increase and yet funding available to local government is under increasing pressure.

The financial choices are more difficult for 2019-20 as the funding gap facing the council continues to widen. Savings that can be made through efficiency measures are now very limited and we have to look more fundamentally at the services we provide and the way we do business.
When making decisions we also make careful use of the Fairness and Equality Impact Assessment process to identify the possible effects on vulnerable and protected groups, while also being mindful of fairness and well-being principles.

For 2019-20, the proposed total budget savings total approximately £8.1 million, which can be broken down into savings agreed during previous years, heads of service decision, Cabinet decision and Cabinet Member decision.

More information on these savings is included in the Cabinet report which is available at www.newport.gov.uk/budget  and we would like your views on the Cabinet decisions.
To ensure we are being open and transparent, savings decisions made by heads of service and Cabinet Members are also listed at www.newport.gov.uk/budget although we are not consulting on these.

Thanks for taking part in this challenging but important and necessary process.

Basic Information

This is to collect basic information of those completing the survey.
2.a What is your gender? (tick one box only)
2.b What is your age group? (tick one box only)
2.c What area of Newport do you live in? (tick one box only)

List of Budget Proposals 2019-20 - Cabinet Decision

Proposal Number 1

EDU1920/01 - Education

Central Education Budget Savings Proposals 2019-20

Education Services is required to save a further £250k from 2019-20. There are no non-staff budget options left within the service area to consider. As a result, savings can only be acquired from the removal of staff posts.

The following options have been put forward:
proposal 1_en
3.a Which of the above would be your preferred option?
3.b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Proposal Number 2

CS1920/06 - City Services

Review of Charging for Waste Special Collections

Review of charging for special collections - apply a new pricing mechanism, ensuring the cost of service to our citizens covers the operating and disposal costs of the service.

Savings if implemented as recommended (Option B) would save £66,000 in 2019-20.

Note that a full year impact has been included following implementation by the beginning of 2019-20; any delay in the approval process would therefore affect the savings to be achieved.

The following options have been put forward:
proposal 2_en
4.a Which of the above would be your preferred option?
4.b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Proposal Number 3

CS1920/07 - City Services

Changes to Council Parking Charges

Increase in tariffs for off-street parking, business parking and resident parking zones saving £86,000 in 2019-20. All changes to be implemented April 2019.

Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) within the city will cover both on and off street parking enforcement. The take up of resident parking permits has declined in recent years due to resident dissatisfaction over the lack of enforcement delivered by the police. It is anticipated that this decline will continue until the introduction of CPE on the 1st July 2019.
The maintenance of affordable parking within the city together with CPE, will ensure residents have their streets appropriately patrolled to maximise their opportunities to park outside their homes, business parking is not obstructed and visitors to our car parks benefit from a well-controlled parking environment.

Newport has historically provided low cost off street parking in comparison to other city centres and this proposed increase ensures that parking in Newport remains excellent value. The proposed resident permit parking charge is again excellent value and combined with improved enforcement through CPE, presents an excellent offer and service to residents.
5.a Off Street Parking

Car Parking charges - increase of £0.50 on all tariffs (saving approx. £82,000). For example:
         - Up to 3 hours in the city centre was £2, would then cost £2.50;
         - 3-5 hours in the city centre was £4, would then cost £4.50;
         - Up to 3 hours in Maindee was £0.50, would then cost £1; and
         - 3-5 hours in Maindee was £2, would then cost £2.50.

Is this increase in price....?
5.b Residents Parking

Newport currently charges £17 per permit. 12 other councils in Wales operate Resident Parking Zones, with an average charge of £40.08 and highest of £114. As such, we propose an increase to £30, which is still 25% lower than the Welsh average (saving approx. £2,000).

Is this increase in price….?
5.c Business Parking

Proposed new tariff of £6 per day (saving approx. £2,000).

Is this increase in price….?
5.d Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Proposal Number 4

CS1920/08 - City Services

Reduction in Customer Services Operating Hours

To reduce the operating hours of the council’s face-to-face customer services provision and encourage increased use of self-service facilities.

There are a number of potential options, however the proposed option is to reduce the opening times of the Information Station from five days to four days a week. Opening days and times for the City Contact Centre (01633 656656) would remain unchanged (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm). This would save £31,000 in 2019-20.

Implementation timescales would need to take into consideration full consultation with service areas and a public awareness campaign.
proposal 4_en
6.a Which of the above would be your preferred option?
6.b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Proposal Number 5

PBC1920/02 - People and Business Change

Reduction in Voluntary Sector Grants

The Council currently provides £286k per year through a series of operational and rent grants to a number of voluntary sector organisations operating within Newport. There is already a commitment to reduce this amount by £46k for 2019-20 following a Cabinet decision in 2016.

This additional proposal would reduce the grant further over the next three years to £140k by 2021-22. This will mean an additional saving of £100k. Applying these savings over the next three years will allow for some adjustment time for the organisations involved.

In line with Welsh Governments Code of Practice for Voluntary Sector Funding, an early discussion is required with the affected organisations.
proposal 5_en
7.a Which of the above would be your preferred option?
7.b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Proposal Number 6

NS1920/05 - Non-Service

Additional 2.95% Increase in Council Tax resulting in total increase of 6.95%

A base 4% increase is already included in our medium term financial projections each year. This year, it is proposed that an additional 2.95% increase is applied to council tax in 2019/20 bringing the proposed increase to 6.95%.
proposal 6_en
8.a Is a council tax increase of 6.95%?
8.b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
Thank you for taking the time to comment on these proposals.

For more information visit the website: www.newport.gov.uk/budget

If completing by hand, please return your completed survey by Wednesday 30th January 2019 via the following FREEPOST address:

Policy, Partnership & Involvement Team
Newport City Council
Civic Centre
NP20 4UR
Yn rhan o broses gosod cyllideb y cyngor, rydym yn ceisio holi a deall barn, anghenion ac awgrymiadau’r cyhoedd, defnyddwyr gwasanaethau penodol a rhanddeiliaid eraill.

Er ein bod yn ymwybodol bod cynnal y lefel orau bosibl o wasanaethau yn bwysig i breswylwyr, rhaid hefyd osod cyllideb gytbwys. Mae hyn yn mynd yn anos bob blwyddyn, wrth i’r galw am wasanaethau gynyddu, costau godi a mwy o bwysau ar y cyllid sydd ar gael i lywodraeth leol.

Mae’r dewisiadau sy’n rhaid eu gwneud ar gyfer 2019-20 yn anos nag erioed wrth i’r bwlch cyllido sy’n wynebu’r cyngor barhau i dyfu. Cyfyngedig yw’r arbedion y gellir eu gwneud drwy ddulliau effeithlonrwydd erbyn hyn a rhaid i ni edrych felly mewn ffordd fwy sylfaenol ar y gwasanaethau a ddarparwn a’r ffordd rydym yn gwneud busnes.
Wrth wneud penderfyniadau, mae’n rhaid i ni ddefnyddio’r broses Asesu Effaith ar Gydraddoldeb yn ofalus i adnabod effaith bosibl ar grwpiau gwarchodedig ac agored i niwed ac ystyried egwyddorion tegwch a llesiant.

Ar gyfer 2019-20, mae cyfanswm o £8.1 miliwn o arbedion yn cael ei gynnig, y gellir ei rannu’n arbedion y cytunwyd arnynt yn ystod y blynyddoedd diwethaf, penderfyniadau penaethiaid gwasanaethau, penderfyniadau’r Cabinet a phenderfyniadau Aelodau Cabinet.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth am yr arbedion hyn yn adroddiad y Cabinet, sydd i’w weld ar www.newport.gov.uk/budget. Hoffem glywed eich barn ar benderfyniadau’r Cabinet.
Er mwyn sicrhau ein bod yn agored ac yn dryloyw, rhestrir hefyd benderfyniadau arbed penaethiaid gwasanaethau ac Aelodau’r Cabinet yn www.newport.gov.uk/budget er nad ydym yn ymgynghori ar y rhain.

Diolch am gyfrannu at y broses heriol, ond pwysig, hon.

Gwybodaeth Sylfaenol

Diben yr isod yw casglu gwybodaeth gan y rheiny sy’n llenwi’r arolwg.
9.a Beth yw eich rhyw? (ticiwch un blwch yn unig)
9.b Pa un yw eich grŵp oedran? (ticiwch un blwch yn unig)
9.c Ym mha ardal o Gasnewydd yr ydych chi’n byw ynddi? (ticiwch un blwch yn unig)

Rhestr o Gynigion Cyllideb 2019-20 - Penderfyniad y Cabinet

Cynnig Rhif 1

EDU1920/01 - Addysg

Cynigion am Arbedion Addysg Ganolog 2019-20

Rhaid i’r Gwasanaethau Addysg arbed £250,000 yn ychwanegol ar gyfer 2019/20. Nid oes unrhyw ddewisiadau nad ydynt yn cynnwys cyllideb staff ar ôl i’w hystyried. O ganlyniad, gellir gwneud arbedion dim ond drwy ddileu swyddi staff.

Cynigiwyd y dewisiadau canlynol:
proposal 1_cy
10.a Pa un o’r uchod rydych yn ei ffafrio?
10.b A yw’r cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir yn eich barn chi?

Cynnig Rhif 2

CS1920/06 - Gwasanaethau’r Ddinas

Adolygiad o’r Tâl a Godir ar gyfer Casgliadau Gwastraff Arbennig

Adolygiad o’r tâl a godir ar gyfer casgliadau arbennig - gweithredu trefn brisio newydd ar waith, gan sicrhau bod cost y gwasanaeth i’n dinasyddion yn cynnwys costau gweithredu a gwaredu y gwasanaeth ei hun.

Byddai hyn yn dod â £66,000 o arbedion pe byddai’r dewis a argymhellir (Dewis B) yn cael ei weithredu, yn 2019-20.

Sylwer bod effaith flwyddyn gyfan wedi’i chynnwys ar ôl gweithredu’r taliadau newydd erbyn dechrau 2019-20; byddai unrhyw oedi yn y broses gymeradwyo felly yn effeithio ar yr arbedion a wneir.

Cyflwynwyd y dewisiadau canlynol:
proposal 2_cy
11.a Pa un o’r uchod rydych yn ei ffafrio?
11.b A yw’r cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir yn eich barn chi?

Cynnig Rhif 3

CS1920/07 - Gwasanaethau’r Ddinas

Newidiadau i’r Tâl Parcio a godir gan y Cyngor

Cynyddu’r tariffau ar gyfer parcio oddi ar y stryd, parcio busnes a’r parthau parcio i breswylwyr gan arbed £86,000 yn 2019-20. Dylid gweithredu’r holl newidiadau erbyn Ebrill 2019.

Bydd Gorfodi Parcio Sifil yn y ddinas yn cynnwys gorfodi parcio ar y stryd ac oddi ar y stryd. Mae’r defnydd o drwyddedau parcio i breswylwyr wedi gostwng yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf gan nad yw’r trigolion yn fodlon ar y diffyg gorfodi gan yr heddlu. Disgwylir y bydd y gostyngiad hwn yn parhau nes y cyflwynir Gorfodi Parcio Sifil ar 1 Gorffennaf 2019.
Bydd cynnal a chadw cyfleoedd i barcio yn fforddiadwy yn y ddinas ar y cyd â Gorfodi Parcio Sifil, yn sicrhau bod strydoedd y preswylwyr yn cael eu patrolio i sicrhau bod ganddynt y cyfle gorau i barcio o flaen eu cartrefi, nad oes rhwystrau i barcio busnes a gall ymwelwyr â’n meysydd parcio fanteisio ar amgylchedd parcio wedi’i reoli’n dda.

Yn hanesyddol mae Casnewydd wedi darparu parcio oddi ar y stryd ar gost isel o gymharu ag ardaloedd canol dinas eraill a bydd y cynnydd a gynigir yn sicrhau y bydd gwerth parcio yng Nghasnewydd yn aros yn rhagorol. Mae’r tâl arfaethedig ar gyfer trwydded parcio i breswylwyr yn werth rhagorol hefyd, ac ar y cyd â gwell gwasanaeth Gorfodi Parcio Sifil, mae’n cynnig gwasanaeth rhagorol i breswylwyr.
12.a Parcio Oddi ar y Stryd

Ffioedd Parcio ceir - cynnydd o £0.50 ar yr holl dariffau (gan arbed oddeutu £82,000). Er enghraifft:
         - Byddai parcio hyd at 3 awr yng nghanol y ddinas yn costio £2.50 yn hytrach na £2;
         - Byddai parcio hyd at 3-5 awr yng nghanol y ddinas yn costio £4.50 yn hytrach na £4;
         - Byddai parcio hyd at 3 awr ym Maindee yn costio £1 yn hytrach na £0.50; a
         - Byddai parcio hyd at 3-5 awr ym Maindee yn costio £2.50 yn hytrach na £2.

A yw’r cynnydd hwn yn y prisiau yn...?
12.b Parcio i Breswylwyr

Mae Casnewydd yn codi tâl o £17 fesul trwydded ar hyn o bryd. Mae 12 Cyngor arall yng Nghymru yn gweithredu Parthau Parcio i Breswylwyr, gan godi tâl £40.08 ar gyfartaledd gyda’r uchaf yn £114. Rydym ni’n cynnig felly i godi’r tâl i £30, sydd 25% yn llai na’r cyfartaledd ar gyfer Cymru (gan arbed oddeutu £2,000).

A yw’r cynnydd hwn yn y prisiau yn...?
12.c Parcio Busnes

Tariff newydd arfaethedig o £6 y dydd (sy’n arbed oddeutu £2,000).

A yw’r cynnydd hwn yn y prisiau yn...?
12.d A yw’r cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir yn eich barn chi?

Cynnig Rhif 4

CS1920/08 - Gwasanaethau’r Ddinas

Lleihau Oriau Gweithredu’r Gwasanaethau i Gwsmeriaid

Lleihau oriau gweithredu gwasanaeth wyneb yn wyneb i gwsmeriaid a gynigir gan y Cyngor ac annog y defnydd o gyfleusterau hunan-wasanaethu.

Mae nifer o ddewisiadau posibl ar gael ond y dewis arfaethedig yw lleihau oriau gwaith yr Orsaf Wybodaeth o bum diwrnod yr wythnos i bedwar diwrnod yr wythnos. Ni fydd diwrnodau nac oriau gwaith Canolfan Cyswllt y Ddinas (01633 656656) yn newid (dydd Llun -dydd Gwener 8am-6pm). Byddai hyn yn arbed £31,000 yn ystod 2019-20.

Byddai angen gweithredu amserlenni gan ystyried ymgynghoriad llawn â meysydd gwasanaeth ac ymgyrch ymwybyddiaeth gyhoeddus.
proposal 4_cy
13.a Pa un o’r uchod rydych yn ei ffafrio?
13.b A yw’r cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir yn eich barn chi?

Cynnig Rhif 5

PBC1920/02 - Pobl a Newid Busnes

Lleihau Grantiau Sector Gwirfoddol

Ar hyn o bryd, mae’r Cyngor yn darparu £286k y flwyddyn drwy gyfres o grantiau gweithredol a rhent o nifer o sefydliadau gwirfoddol sy’n gweithredu yng Nghasnewydd. Mae eisoes ymrwymiad yn ei le i leihau’r swm hwn gan £46k ar gyfer 2019-20 yn sgil penderfyniad gan y Cyngor yn 2016.

Byddai’r cynnig ychwanegol hwn yn lleihau’r grant eto dros y tair blynedd nesaf i £140k erbyn 2021-22. Byddai hyn yn arbediad pellach o £100k. Bydd cyflwyno’r arbedion hyn dros y tair blynedd nesaf yn caniatáu rywfaint o amser i’r sefydliadau addasu.

Yn unol â Chod Ymddygiad Cyllido’r Sector Gwirfoddol Llywodraeth Cymru, mae angen trafodaeth gynnar gyda’r sefydliadau yr effeithir arnynt.
proposal 5_cy
14.a Pa un o’r opsiynau uchod fyddai orau gennych?
14.b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig hwn wedi ei esbonio’n glir?

Cynnig Rhif 6

NS1920/05 - Nad ydynt yn wasanaethau

Cynnydd Ychwanegol o 2.95% ar y Dreth Gyngor sy’n arwain at gyfanswm cynnydd o 6.95%

Mae cynnydd sylfaenol o 4% eisoes wedi’i gynnwys yn ein rhagfynegiadau ariannol tymor canolig bob blwyddyn. Eleni, cynigir cynnydd ychwanegol o 2.95% ar y dreth gyngor yn 2019/20 sy’n rhoi’r cynnydd arfaethedig ar 6.95%.
proposal 6_cy
15.a A yw cynnydd 6.95% ar y dreth yn...?
15.b A yw’r cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir yn eich barn chi?
Diolch am roi o’ch amser i wneud sylwadau ar y cynigion hyn.

Am ragor o wybodaeth, ewch i’r wefan: www.newport.gov.uk/budget

Os cwblhawyd â llawysgrifen, dychwelwch eich arolwg erbyn dydd Mercher 30 Ionawr 2019 i’r cyfeiriad isod drwy RADBOST:

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Canolfan Ddinesig
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