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Applying For a Place

Online school admissions

Parents are able to apply online for primary, junior and secondary school admissions.

The timetable for applications is as follows:


Apply online from…

Closing date

Decisions on or by…


1 Nov 2012

18 Jan 2013

22 Mar 2013

Junior school

1 Nov 2012

18 Jan 2013

22 Mar 2013

Secondary school

1 Oct 2012

16 Nov 2012

8 Feb 2013

View your decision online

It is not possible to submit an online application after the closing date.

Any application not submitted by the closing date should be submitted on a paper application form but will be classed as late, which could affect the outcome of your application.

Why apply online?

Applying online gives you the advantage of:

  • A quick and simple application process
  • A secure process that will keep your details safe
  • Knowing that your application has been received and there is no risk that your application will get lost in the post
  • Changing the details of your application as many times as necessary up to the closing date
  • Being able to print a copy of your application to keep for your records if necessary
  • A system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, up until the closing date

Online application guidance

For more information please visit the parent’s online admissions guidance (pdf) or the Welsh language version, canllaw i gwblhau cais ar-lein am le mewn ysgol (pdf) or see the frequently asked questions page.

Please use this form to help us improve our website; if you have a specific query, or require a response, please use our online contact form

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