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Your City Council

Consultations - Have Your Say

South East Wales Transport

Closes 24 May 2014

The local authorities in south east Wales are undertaking a survey to help the preparation of local transport plans…

Recent consultations – now closed

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Closed 31 March 2014

New regulations in Wales require that each council produces a Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP)…

School Admission Arrangements 2015/2016

Closed 31 January 2014

Newport City Council consulted on school admission arrangements for September 2015…

Council Budget 2014/2015

Closed 24 January 2014

Comments were invited on next year’s council budget proposals

Improvement Plan Priorities

Closed 31 December 2013

Comments were invited on the council’s improvement priorities for 2014-2015

Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Closed 23 December 2013

The council’s approach to the council tax reduction scheme was consulted on

M4 Relief Road

Closed 16 December 2013

The Welsh Government consulted on the proposed M4 corridor around Newport (opens new website)…

New Chartist artwork

Closed 30 November 2013

Newport residents were asked how to commemorate the Chartists and their place in Newport’s history.

Dog Control Order

Closed 27 November 2013

The council invited comments about the proposed Dog Control Order

Additional Licensing Scheme

Closed 20 November 2013

The council consulted on the HMO Additional Licensing scheme

Cultural Strategy

Closed 30 October 2013

Newport City Council sought views on the draft cultural strategy for Newport

Bus and Community Transport

Closed 18 October 2013

A survey took place to help shape the bus and community transport network in south east Wales over the next ten years.

Alternative Sites – Revised LDP Stage Consultation

Closed 18 October 2013

The council consulted on the Alternative Sites Register

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