​​​​Newport City Council regularly consults with local people on a wide range of policies, plans and proposals affecting the local community. 

These consultations below have now closed.

Closed: 9 February 2024

Newport City Council has considered its budget and set out a number of proposals for delivering services in 2024/25.

Proposals include: 

  • 8.5 per cent council tax increase
  • additional investment for social care, homeless provision and schools.
  • £3million support for social care for both adults and children
  • £600,000 extra to support the demand for temporary accommodation  has been proposed to support the service.
  • significant school funds for staff pay, increasing demand resulting from rising pupil numbers, and for support for those with additional learning needs.

All representations made through the public consultation will be considered ahead of the February cabinet meeting when they will make their final recommendations on the overall budget for 2024/25. 

Closed: 6 February 2024

Newport City Council is reviewing its House in Multiple Occupation Additional Licensing scheme to see if it should be extended for five years from June 2024.

Closed: 28 January 2024

Newport City Council is committed to providing equitable services for all residents. This means treating everyone fairly, considering the needs of residents from all backgrounds.  Our vision is to create a more equal Newport even when faced with increasing challenges.

We will use your feedback to develop our Strategic Equality Plan 2024-2028, to be published in April 2024.

Closed: 15 January 2024

Transport for Wales are seeking views on proposals for five new railway stations in south-east Wales and new cross-border rail services.

Closed: 20 December 2023

The Preferred Strategy (pre-deposit plan) represents a partial draft of the Replacement Local Development plan (RLDP).  

The new draft was based on the feedback received from previous consultations and available data.

Closed: 31 October 2023

One Newport has been working on a new Local Action Plan to help make Newport a better place for its citizens.

For more information on One Newport and the Local Area Action Plan on the One Newport website.

Closed: 22 October 2023

Newport City Council has been required to review its Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy.

Closed: 14 September 2023

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for Market Arcade that was introduced in November 2020 is due to expire in November 2023 and we are now consulting with residents to renew the Order. 

Closed: 10 September 2023

Newport City Council, Gwent Police and their Safer Newport partners are working on a Strategic Needs Assessment. This will help us understand community safety issues, decide on priorities and what we need to do about them.  

This survey will also inform other important strategies including the Council’s strategic equalities plan, and Council spending decisions.

We want to hear your views on our plans to increase electric vehicle charging points in Newport.

Around 27 per cent of Newport’s carbon emissions come from transport. Reducing these is a key priority for the council as we aim to become a net zero carbon city by 2050.

We are very interested in learning your views on our draft strategy.

Closed: 6 April 2023

We want your opinion on proposals for improving travel options in the city centre.

The council and Transport for Wales want to improve the experience of travelling to Newport railway station, the riverfront and through Old Green.

Closed: 8 March 2023

The growth and spatial options consider the scale of growth (housing and employment) and broad options for where that growth could be located (spatial options).

Your feedback will help refine the growth and spatial options to best represent the communities of Newport.                   

Closed: 28 Feb 2023

Newport City Council will be installing CCTV cameras around the new Devon Place bridge.

The cameras will be used for the safety of persons using the bridge, acting as a deterrent to potential anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Closed: 13 February 2023

Newport City Council is asking residents aged over 55 to complete a short survey to provide insight into their housing situations. 

Feedback may assist in the development of projects taking place over the next few years.