Social media is a part of how we live our lives.

We have a set of house rules on how we use social media. It also looks at how you should use it when you communicate with us.

What we will do

  • let you know it’s us – make sure you look at our profile, following and verification
  • list our social media accounts on our website
  • read all messages and flag up problems with the right team
  • treat each message the same way we would deal with you over the phone or in person
  • follow all accounts where we can

Note: We do not monitor accounts 24 hours a day.

What we’d like from you in return

  • to be polite
  • to refrain from swearing or making threats
  • to not to be anti-social
  • to make sure you visit our complaints page if you want to complain about a specific person
  • not to spam or advertise
  • not to share personal information about you or others

Where you don’t stick to the house rules we reserve the right to:

  • delete offensive content
  • block accounts
  • screenshot and report messages to the police

If you have a question or feel like a social media post has been deleted unfairly you can email us.