Information sharing is key to how we deliver public services. It helps the council and agencies to deliver better services.

We always maintain privacy where possible and share information legally.

Wales Accord of Personal Information (WASPI)

WASPI provides guidance about sharing information. They access and maintain records on behalf of the council. 

The council has agreed to:

  • work to the same approach for information sharing, with public and voluntary sectors
  • use WASPI guides and templates to support information sharing
  • raise staff awareness on information sharing responsibilities

The council’s information sharing policy informs:

  • employees
  • members
  • other parties

who access and maintain records on behalf of the council of their responsibilities. It also provides guidance about the sharing of information.

Information sharing protocols

Using WASPI guidance, several information sharing protocols (ISPs) have been developed. 

See the WASPI website for further information.

National Fraud Initiative

The council must by law protect their public funds. It can share the information it has with other bodies to find and stop fraud.

Data matching compares more than one set of data to see how they match. This allows fraudulent claims and payments to be identified. 

If there is an inconsistency this would need further investigation. No assumption can be made until an investigation is carried out.

The Auditor General for Wales audits the accounts of the council. We provide them with the information they need to do this.

The Auditor General uses data with legal permission from the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004.