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Wider Gwent work

Prior to the establishment of the Gwent PSB, a number of collaborative projects have been taking place across the Gwent region that support the work of One Newport and the Newport well-being plan.

Support Funding

Starting in 2016-17, the Minister for Public Services awarded annual funding to PSB’s on a regional basis (Local Health Board area footprint) to support their assessments of local well-being and local well-being plans.

Prior to the establishment of the Gwent PSB, the former PSB’s across Newport, Caerphilly, Torfaen, Monmouthshire and Blaenau Gwent came together to secure joint funding for the following:

Futures Analysis

In 2017-18, funding was utlised across Gwent to enhance the understanding of future trends, helping partners better prepare and plan for the future.

Ash Futures Ltd were commissioned to run the project and produced the following set of reports:

During 2018-19, further funding was used by the five former PSB’s to apply the learning from the future analysis work to their well-being plans.  Support was given to members and officers to gain an understanding of the long-term issues facing organisations and equip them with the knowledge to ensure they are able to implement a more long-term approach to planning.

An overview conference took place across Gwent on the 12 November 2018, followed by further workshops held in each area to look at futures work in relation to their individual well-being plans.  The workshop in Newport was help on the 13 February 2019, with the reports produced at all these events available below:

Climate Resilient Wales

In 2018-19 funding was used to commission Netherwood Sustainable Futures and Well-being Planner to run a project called ‘Climate Ready Gwent: Capturing the Lived Experience’.  This supported the wider work of Climate Ready Gwent.

Local Bespoke Projects

Funding received during 2018-19 were used to support a number of bespoke projects with learning and best practive shared across the five former PSB's.  The projects were:

    • Community Future Risk Register (the former Newport & Torfaen PSBs) – developing a Community Future Risk and Opportunity Register.
    • Online Accessible Well-being Assessment (the former Caerphilly PSB) – Explore the displaying of the Well-being Assessment on their website.
    • Data Mapping and Automated Monitoring of Activity against Local Well-being Objectives (the former Monmouthshire PSB) – pilot the development of live dashboards that will display selected data items used in the well-being assessment.
    • Community Well-being Projects (the former Blaenau Gwent PSB) – undertake four coordinated well-being events, aligning with the delivery programme of the well-being plan and utilising the intelligence gleaned from the local ‘Happiness Pulse’.

Further information on regional partnership working can be found on the Gwent PSB website.


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