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Wider Gwent work

There are a number of projects being carried out in collaboration across the Gwent region which support the work of the PSB and the implementation of its well-being plan.

Regional Support Funding for PSBs

On an annual basis (starting in 2016-17), the Minister for Public Services has awarded funding to PSBs on a regional basis to support the assessments of local well-being and local well-being plans.

This funding is offered on a Local Health Board area footprint to encourage a consistent approach and reduce duplication of effort across the PSBs. For Gwent this includes the areas of Newport, Caerphilly, Torfaen, Monmouthshire and Blaenau Gwent.

For 2018-19, the funding application of £74,026 for the Gwent region was approved by the Welsh Government in April 2018 and consists of the following projects:

    • Project I: Continue to develop the futures analysis work from 2017-18 so this can inform the work of the five PSBs and the Well-being Plans.
    • Project II: To identify adaptations that can be made locally to help cope with the negative impacts of climate change.
    • Project III: Bespoke work at a local level (four projects), with learning and best practice shared across the five PSB’s.

Project I: Future Analysis

Part of the project funded in 2017-18 was to enhance the understanding of future trends. This project aimed to stimulate thinking and help, PSBs understand how they can better prepare and plan for the future.

Ash Futures Ltd were commissioned to run the project following a successful tender process. Final reports are below:

During 2018-19, funding will now be used to gain learning from the work in 2017-18. This will:

    • Inform the work of the five PSBs by applying the learning from the Future Analysis work to the Well-being Plans.
    • Support PSB members and officers across partner organisations to gain an understanding of the long-term issues to be considered whilst implementing the well-being plans and corporate plans going forward.
    • Provide PSB members and officers across Gwent with the knowledge and understanding to ensure they are able to implement a more long-term approach to planning which will consider the well-being of future generations.

A Gwent overview conference took place on 12th November 2018 to introduce PSB members and support officers to the Gwent Futures work already undertaken. Workshops have taken place in each local PSB area to look at the futures work in relation to the Well-being Plans, with the Newport workshop held on the 13th February 2019. The reports from these events are available below:

Project II: Climate Resilient Wales

This project will:

    • Present a persuasive evidence base which sets out current (un-adapted) and future (adapted) circumstances, through narratives and graphics to integrate lived experience into our future vision of a Climate Resilient Gwent.
    • Influence and inform key decision makers, by bringing lived experiences to life.

Netherwood Sustainable Futures and Well-being Planner were jointly commissioned to run the project following a successful tender process.

An initial workshop with partners has taken place to identify areas of work for the project.

Project III: Local Bespoke Projects

Community Future Risk Register

Newport & Torfaen PSBs will continue the Future Analysis work already undertaken by developing a Community Future Risk and Opportunity Register. This register will enable PSBs, GSWAG (Gwent Strategic Well-being Assessment Group) and G10 to:

    • Develop a forward looking approach to identifying future risks for our communities at a local level;
    • Take a futures approach to developing prevention and contingency plans to mitigate risks and maximise the benefits of opportunities;
    • Tailor delivery relating to Well-being Plans relating to long term risks and opportunities; and
    • Develop Well-being Plans considering long term risks and opportunities.

Online Accessible Well-being Assessment

Explore the displaying of Caerphilly PSBs Well-being Assessment on their website. Putting this information online will make it more accessible to anyone that wants to use it, the data and narrative can be updated regularly as new data becomes available, and the amount of data related to well-being can be increased as appropriate.

This will create a resource that can be used to inform a multitude of strategic decisions and policy making at both the PSB level and the individual partner organisations. It will also reduce the level of work required to produce an Assessment next time, as the work will be spread out over a longer time period.

Data Mapping and Automated Monitoring of Activity against Local Well-being Objectives

Continuing the desire to have accessible and visually appealing data visualisations that track progress of well-being against well-being objectives Monmouthshire PSB will pilot the development of live dashboards that will display selected data items that were used in the well-being assessment and automate the update of these using open data feeds.

The data will be visualised in a way that makes is accessible to a broad range of audiences encouraging on-going involvement and creating a platform onto which future qualitative surveys can be added to mitigate the loss of data that we had anticipated from the Happiness Pulse work that has been discontinued.

Community Well-being Projects

Blaenau Gwent PSB will undertake four coordinated well-being events.  These projects will align with the delivery programme of the well-being plan and will utilise the intelligence gleaned from the local ‘Happiness Pulse’ analysis to actively promote personal well-being and get people involved with the Blaenau Gwent plan.

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