Well-being Plan Front Cover (part)

Well-being Plan 2018-23

One Newport’s Well-being Plan was published on 1st May 2018 and revised during 2021.  The Plan outlines One Newport’s Well-being Objectives, and the Steps and actions we are taking to deliver them.  The Plan has now come to an end.

Newport Well-being Plan 2018-23_EN - Revised Aug 2021 (pdf)

Newport Well-being Plan 2018-23_CY - Revised Aug 2021 (pdf)

Well-being Plan Easy Read Summary (pdf)

Well-being Plan Animation Video - English  /  Cymraeg

The original version of the plan, published in 2018, are available: English (original) (pdf) // Cymraeg (original) (pdf)

New Well-being Plan for Gwent

In July 2033, the Gwent Public Services Board published the Gwent Well-being Plan, which replaced the well-being plans developed in each local authority.

Click here to view the Gwent Well-being Plan.

For further information visit the Gwent PSB website.  A Local Action Plan is currently being develped by One Newport will support delivery of the Gwent Well-being Plan and local partnership issues.

New Gwent Well-being Objectives

    • We want to create a fairer, more equitable and inclusive Gwent for all.
    • We want a climate-ready Gwent, where our environment is valued and protected, benefitting our well-being now and for future generations.

Former Well-being Objectives

One Newport’s Well-being Objectives are:

        1. Everyone feels good about living, working, visiting and investing in our unique city.
      1. Everyone has the skills and opportunities they need to develop, prosper and contribute to a thriving, sustainable city.
      2. Everyone belongs to resilient, friendly, connected communities and feels confident and empowered to improve their well-being.
      3. Newport has healthy, safe and resilient environments with an integrated sustainable travel network.

Former cross-cutting programmes of work

To deliver against our Well-being Objectives and priorities we have five cross-cutting interventions:

The Newport Offer

Strong Resilient Communities

Right Skills

Green and Safe Spaces

Sustainable Travel

Progress made against the interventions can be viewed here.

Supporting documents

The development of the plan was supported by the following documents:

Community Well-being Profile

Choosing Emerging Priorities

RA1 - Understanding Outcomes

RA2-3 - Linking Interventions to Outcomes

Family walking in sun

Cyclists on Riverfront Cycle Route - Transporter Bridge