Aerial shot of Newport (SDR - George St Bridge - Footbridge)

The Newport offer

This is a programme of work within the Newport Well-being Plan 2018-23.

Intervention Leads: Cllr Jane Mudd (Leader of Newport City Council) and Steve Ward (Newport Live)

Partnership Team Support: Nicola Dance (NCC) / Huw Williams (NCC)


A proud and friendly city where people and places thrive now and in the future.

Steps / Action

    • Step 1:  Develop a sustainable city where people want to live, work and learn.
    • Step 2:  Promote the city as a place to be proud of and where people choose to live, work, learn and visit.
    • Step 3:  Work proactively to ensure a positive city centre experience.
    • Step 4:  Development mitigation and adaption responses to the impacts of climate change.
    • Step 5:  Support local prosperity, sustainable growth and fairness.

The Newport Offer Board reviewed its vision and steps in June 2021.  For full details view the Newport Offer Review Report (pdf).


Case studies relating to the work of this intervention can be viewed here.

Performance dashboards for this intervention can be viewed here along with the Annual Reports for 2020-21, 2019-20 and 2018-19.

Further key developments in the Newport Offer can be viewed below:

The City of Newport website showcases the city as a place to visit, be in business and invest.


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