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The Newport offer

A proud and friendly city where people and places thrive now and in the future

Intervention Lead: Cllr Jane Mudd (Leader of Newport City Council)

Intervention Lead: Steve Ward (Newport Live)

Partnership Team Support: Nicola Dance (NCC) / Huw Williams (NCC)

The Newport Offer Board has reviewed its vision and the steps outlined in the well-being plan, with the proposed changes agreed by the partnership in June 2021. For full details read the Newport Offer Review Report. The updated steps are shown below:

Step 1: Develop a sustainable city where people want to live, work and learn

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Develop high quality places in line with the Placemaking Wales Charter.
    • Involve people in long term planning for the city.
    • Refresh and deliver the City Centre Masterplan.
    • Create a new leisure facility and college campus in the city centre.
    • Enhance and increase connected green infrastructure across Newport, specifically in the city centre.
    • Partners engage in creation of the Local Development Plan, ensuring integration of objectives and plans.
    • Partners co-design community regeneration schemes with local people and each other to ensure involvement and integration.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Ongoing delivery of the city centre masterplan.
    • Ongoing development of the Newport offer in line with the vision for the city and the Local Development Plan.
    • Continue to involve local people and communities in the development of places.
    • Continue to embed the principles of the Placemaking Wales Charter place development.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • The number of people saying Newport is a good place to live has increased significantly.
    • The number of people saying Newport has become a better place to live has increased significantly.
    • People say there are good opportunities to work and learn in Newport.
    • Plan and deliver development schemes that address future need and are in line with the city’s vision.

Step 2: Promote the city as a place to be proud of and where people choose to live, work, learn and visit

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Communicate and engage with Newport people to engender city pride, belonging and cohesion.
    • Work with high profile, successful Newport people to promote self-belief, confidence and participation among citizens.
    • Market the city for tourism, business growth and investment.
    • Use public events to showcase Newport’s culture and diversity, promote participation and support the economy.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Continue to raise the profile of Newport as a place people want to live, work, visit and invest.
    • Continue working with local people to promote city pride.
    • Continue work to attract and grow events in the city.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • The number of people who say they are proud to come from Newport has increased significantly.
    • Visitor numbers have increased.

Step 3: Work proactively to ensure a positive city centre experience

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Review collaborative city centre management arrangements.
    • Build on the achievement of the Purple Flag scheme.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Ongoing partnership focus and preventative approach to city centre management.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • People feel safe in the city centre.
    • People are proud of the city centre.

Step 4: Develop mitigation and adaption responses to the impacts of climate change

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Develop and deliver a Local Area Energy Plan.
    • Develop and implement a Climate Strategy for the city.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Monitor progress and continue to develop mitigation and adaptation responses to the impacts of climate change.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • Newport has a lower carbon economy.
    • Air quality is good.

Step 5: Support local prosperity, sustainable growth and fairness

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Implement Newport Economic Growth Strategy.
    • Support community wealth building through local procurement initiatives.
    • Promote a circular economy.
    • Lead Newport to become a Living Wage City.
    • Promote a fair trading environment.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Continue to deliver and review Newport’s Economic Growth Strategy.
    • Continue to support local community wealth building initiatives and the circular economy.
    • Continue to promote fair work practices.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • Newport has achieved growth in jobs, wages and productivity in a lower carbon economy.
    • There are less economic opportunities lost from the Gwent region.


The reporting dashboards developed for this intervention can be accessed via the performance reporting page along with the Annual Reports for 2020-21, 2019-20 and 2018-19.

The Annual Report 2020-21 also includes case studies that demonstrate progress made against the well-being objectives during the year. The case studies related to this Intervention can be accessed below:

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