Cyclists on Riverfront Cycle Route - Transporter Bridge

Sustainable travel

Efficient, safe, and healthy travel, accessible to all, with overall low impact on the environment, prioritising walking, cycling and integrated public transport and also considering car sharing and ultra-low emission vehicles.

Intervention Lead: Ceri Doyle (Newport City Homes)

Intervention Lead: Craig Lane (Third Sector Partnership)

Partnership Team Support: Arabella Calder (NCC)

The Sustainable Travel Board has reviewed its vision and the steps outlined in the well-being plan, with the proposed changes agreed by the partnership in June 2020. For full details read the Sustainable Travel Workshop Report. The updated steps are shown below:

Step 1: PSB to become champions of sustainable travel, leading by example and reducing the public sector’s contribution to air pollution. To include:

Short term (0-5 years)

    • All PSB organisations to sign up to a sustainable travel charter to demonstrate their commitment to supporting walking, cycling, public transport, agile working and ultra-low emission vehicle use.
    • Work together to achieve the pledges and targets set out in the travel charter.
    • 10% of PSB vehicle fleet to be ultra-low emissions.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Review progress and agree a new travel charter for 2023-28.
    • 50% of PSB vehicle fleet to be ultra-low emissions.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • 100% of PSB vehicle fleet to be ultra-low emissions.

Step 2: Create an environment where public transport, walking and cycling is prioritised. To include:

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Develop an integrated walking, cycling and public transport network across the city, which builds on the shift in public behaviour prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • Develop and carry out a public awareness campaign based on behaviour change concepts to promote sustainable travel.
    • Monitor the temporary measures in response to Covid-19 across and use the learning to plan for the future.
    • Realise on street bike share across the city.
    • Target active travel for the school run and anti-idling campaigns outside school gates.
    • Tackle illegal parking throughout the city to prioritise walking, cycling and public transport.
    • Develop supplementary planning guidance to encourage developers to include options for integrated sustainable travel within new developments, and link in to the wider area.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Continue to develop an integrated walking, cycling and public transport network across the city.
    • Prioritise walking and cycling in highway design.
    • Continue to target active travel and anti-idling campaigns with schools.
    • Work with bus providers and regional partners to implement ultra-low emission bus fleet across the city.
    • Work with Cardiff Capital City Region Programme to investigate the possibility of integrated ticketing.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • Work towards Newport becoming a walking, cycling and public transport friendly city.
    • Develop low emission zones or clean air zones.

Step 3: Encourage the use of ultra-low emission vehicles. To include:

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Support the installation of electric charging points across the city to encourage the use of electric vehicles.
    • Develop HGV / LGV fuel economy partnership scheme.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Develop a fuel economy partnership scheme for taxi fleet.
    • Support and encourage the Newport taxi fleet to move to ultra-low emission taxis.
    • Support and encourage the local businesses to move fleet to ultra-low emission taxis.


The reporting dashboards developed for this intervention can be accessed via the performance reporting page along with the Annual Reports for 2020-21, 2019-20 and 2018-19.

The Annual Report 2020-21 also includes case studies that demonstrate progress made against the well-being objectives during the year. The case studies related to this Intervention can be accessed below:

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