Cyclists on Riverfront Cycle Route - Transporter Bridge

Sustainable travel

This is a programme of work within the Newport Well-being Plan 2018-23.

Intervention Leads: Ceri Doyle (Newport City Homes) and Craig Lane (Citizens Advice)

Partnership Team Support: Laura Waldron (NCC)


Efficient, safe, and healthy travel, accessible to all, with overall low impact on the environment, prioritising walking, cycling and integrated public transport and also considering car sharing and ultra-low emission vehicles.

Steps / Actions

    • Step 1:  PSB to become champions of sustainable travel, leading by example and reducing the public sector’s contribution to pollution.
    • Step 2:  Create an environment where public transport, walking and cycling is prioritised.
    • Step 3:  Encourage the use of ultra-low emission vehicles.

The Sustainable Travel Board reviewed its vision and steps in June 2020.  For full details view the Sustainable Travel Workshop Report (pdf).


Case studies relating to the work of this intervention can be viewed here.

Performance dashboards for this intervention can be viewed here along with the Annual Reports for 2020-21, 2019-20 and 2018-19.