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Case Studies

 Examples follow of how partners have worked together to deliver against the Sustainable Travel intervention and One Newport’s well-being objectives.

Annual Report 2021-22

Annual Report 2020-21

Annual Report 2019-20

Annual Report 2018-19

Safe routes in communities programme – St David’s Primary

St David’s Safer Routes in Communities is a co-design project that is working with the school, students, parents and the surrounding community to make improvements to the streets that will result in a safer and more attractive environment for walking and cycling.  The project is focussing specifically on the area around the school, aiming to reduce the current volume of traffic at pick-up and drop-off, and increase numbers of students walking and cycling.

Using a series of co-design and involvement workshops and engagement activities, the project has focussed on understanding specific issues and barriers to walking and cycling, and where changes could be made to address these issues.  Key issues identified at pick up and drop times include volume of traffic on the streets outside the school, issues around safety for students as a result of the volume of cars, parking behaviour and poor crossing points.  During the engagement process, 17 workshops took place throughout the area. 120 students attended workshops and 329 attendees overall and 79 online comments have been received using online mapping.  From the co-design and involvement process a set of plans have emerged aimed at addressing these issues.

ECO Stars fuel economy scheme

Newport joined the Eco Stars Scheme in 2018, the first area in Wales to do so.  The scheme provides free advice to fleet operators on how to be more efficient with their fuel.  The idea is simple, less fuel burnt, more money saved & less pollution generated.  The scheme grades a company with a star rating of 1-5, followed by advice on how to improve their use of fuel.  By the end of the 2018-19, financial year over 17 companies that operate in Newport had become members, covering over 6,500 vehicles.  It is too early to measure the success of this scheme but early feedback loos favourable.  

Confirmation of funding for a second year is in place.  The scheme will now expand its scope to include measures for supporting the taxi industry.  With adequate funding Newport hopes to be able to continue supporting the scheme and expand upon its initial success.  Measure relating to cost savings and fuel consumption reduction will be reported in the second year.

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Safe Routes - St Davids Primary

Eco Stars Scheme