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Case Studies

Examples of how partners have worked together to deliver against the Green and Safe Spaces intervention and One Newport's well-being objectives.

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    • Duffryn Community Link – Woodland Routes to Well-being:  Woodland Routes to Well-being is a big lottery funded £1 millon, 7-year project lead by Duffryn Community Link (DCL) and based at Duffryn Woods.  Currently in its second year, the project is a collaboration between the local community, Keep Wales Tidy, DCL, Growing Spaces and the National Trust.  One particularly successful aspect of the project is supervised play in green spaces around Duffryn, offering a safe play environment in an area that experience antisocial behaviour, fire setting and other intimidating behaviour.  The Keep Wales tidy arm of the project has worked with volunteers to open the woodland to make it safer to access whilst participants can obtain woodland management qualifications.  This has been very positive for the area as the woodland was previously very overgrown and was perceived to be unsafe for recreational use by the community.
    • Maindee Edibles – community gardening:  The Maindee Edibles group are a great example of a successful community group greening their local area.  The group is made up of skilled individuals with a drive and enthusiasm for growing, based at Maindee Library.  The group grows vegetables and pollinator friendly plants on patches of ground across the ward.  They work closely with Newport County Council, and grow on council owned land.  Initially based at a Maindee carpark, works have spread out across the ward to include a community garden at of St Mary’s Church and an orchard along Wharf Road.
    • Growing Spaces – mental health support through gardening:  Growing Space is a registered mental health charity, established in 1992, that supports adults with mental ill health through gardening and accredited training.  The organisation provides vital support to the health service, and takes referrals from organisations that support the residents of Newport affected by mental illness.  The organisation is a fantastic example of maximising the health benefits provided by green space through the delivery of services.

These projects are all good examples of work to support the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, however many green spaces projects are reliant on external funding and resources, and this may not be sustainable in the longer term.

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