Well-being Plan Front Cover

Well-being Plan for Newport - Have Your Say

Posted Wednesday 24th January 2018

Wales faces a number of challenges now and in the future, such as austerity, climate change, poverty, health inequalities, an ageing population, jobs and growth.

To tackle these we need to work differently. To give our children and grandchildren a good quality of life we need to think about how the decisions we make now will impact on them in the future.

One Newport, the city’s Public Services Board (PSB) brings together key partners who are working to improve the city now and in the future.

The PSB has prepared a draft well-being plan for 2018-23 which sets out the priorities and actions for the next five years to improve the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Newport.

The draft plan includes four proposed well-being objectives, which are:

    • People feel good about living, working, visiting and investing in Newport;
    • People have skills and opportunities to find suitable work and generate sustainable economic growth;
    • People and communities are friendly, confident and empowered to improve their well-being; and
    • Newport has healthy, safe and resilient environments.

In the development of the plan, a series of workshops were held where over 100 representatives from 30 local organisations also contributed to the development of five cross-cutting interventions which will contribute to the main objectives:

    • The Newport offer
    • Strong resilient communities
    • Right skills
    • Green and safe spaces
    • Sustainable travel

Councillor Debbie Wilcox, Leader of Newport City Council and Chair of One Newport, said: “This plan is all about us planning for the future and ensuring the decisions we make now will benefit the city, residents and businesses long-term.

“The PSB has brought together key organisations and we are working in partnership to form coordinated plans and deliver these joint aims. Now we urge people to have their say on the draft plan so we can be sure we have identified the most important issues for the city.”

Consultation on the draft plan runs until Sunday 18 February 2018. To view the plan and to have your say, visit the One Newport website.